Working out is hard, in more ways than one. To start, your body has its own mind. It wants and doesn’t want to do certain things. Working out should be doing just what our bodies were made to do - be physically active! But sadly, our species has evolved to eat more and move less. That means that when we workout, our bodies are doing things that they aren’t used to! On top of that, your brain has to be lined up with your body to try and motivate yourself to do what you gotta do.

Here is the mental rollercoaster we all go on during a workout:

1. Ok. I got this. (One thinks as they head toward the gym or another area of preferred workout) I will feel better after this. I can and I will.

2. Ohhhhhh man. Am I really about to do this? The end seems so far away!

3. I MUST DO THIS. I am here. I am dressed. I am ready. Here I go. Sending it.

4. Aight... this isn’t too bad. Not even sweating. I feel fine.

5. Things are not fine.

6. I didn’t know it could be this hard to breathe.

7. My legs. My legs. My legs are on fiyaaaa!

8. Did I say I wasn’t sweating? Cause that was a straight lie.

9. It’s only been 15 minutes?! It has easily been about 5 hours.

10. OOOOOkay. Homerun. I can do this. I am unstoppable.

11. Wait I’m hungry. I should just give up.


13. My heart is about to explode.

14. Alright, time for cool down, thank god.

15. Psh check me out lol I am in such good shape. I am unstoppable.

Even though workouts are rollercoasters both physically and mentally, never forget how much better you feel after! Go out there and get it y'all.