5 Thoughts I Had Packing For College

All summer, I carefully thought of all the things I needed to pack with me while I continued to procrastinate packing. Now, for a lot of people, packing for college might not be difficult. As someone who has never lived on their own, I struggled. It probably didn't help that I waited until the last possible minute. At this point, I think I have finally reached the end of my packing, so here are five thoughts I had during this experience.

1. " I don't need to start packing yet."

I told myself this all summer, which is why I am still packing two days before I leave for college.

2. " How many pairs of shoes are too many pairs of shoes?"

As a shoe lover, my hardest decision was deciding what shoes I would take with me. I sat with all my shoes surrounding me and debated on which ones I would need. After all that, I am positive I still packed an excessive amount of shoes.

3. " Do I really need all of this?"

The way I packed my shoes was how I packed everything, and it all ended up the same way with me packing way too much. At this point, I will be lucky to be able to fit it all in the car but, at least I'll be prepared for just about everything.

4. "Dang it, I forgot to buy that!"

I can't begin to explain how many times I have gone into a store, with the idea of buying certain dorm room items, and then I forgot at least one of them.

5. "That's it. I'm staying home."

After all the stress of attempting to pack, I often decide I'm just going to stay home for the year. I'll try again next time.

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