Growing up in a small town just outside of a big city, sometimes it's hard to know if you're truly a small town person or just growing up in the suburbs. Although the town I'm from is just 15 minutes outside of Indianapolis, it is almost unheard of on the map unless you're a rivalry school or know anything about wrestling or football.

This small little town will forever hold a piece in my heart. These are things you know to be true if you're from New Palestine, Indiana.

1. March 1st means the opening of Frosty Boy

2. There are only two stop lights and one gas station

3. The "town" consists of a McDonalds, CVS, Subway, and El Jaripeo... all of the essentials right?

4. You will run into 10 people you know at the gas station or Marsh

5. There are more pizza places than anything else combined

6. "Do you know..." Yes, yes I do know them... and probably their 2nd cousin twice removed

7. Your parents had the same high school teachers you had and everyone knows you by your last name

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8. You don't give directions to 600, 500, or 450... It's known as Mt. Comfort, Gem Rd, or Bitner.

9. If you want good food you have to drive all the way to Greenfield or East Washington St.

10. You have the Mozzi's number memorized

11. The Y-Not lounge is the closest thing you have to a bar

12. We pretend the lions club fish fry event is just as good as Riley Days

13. In middle school, if you didn't live in Country Side, you probably had a bus pass every day going to that neighborhood.... because EVERYONE lived there

14. You know the person of every military flag hanging up around town

15. If you lived in town, you were a "townie" and if you didn't live in town, your parents definitely did not want you hanging out with "townies".

16. Changing your speed from 55 to 45 to 30 in a matter of .2 seconds coming into town because that's where the police like to hide out

17. Everything you own is probably red or white because school/town pride is a huge thing

18. It's no surprise to hear diesel trucks every second of every day

19. Having to correct everyone that it's "new palesTEEN" not "new palesTINE" despite the spelling

20. Overall, the town is pretty great with some pretty awesome people who have helped you grow into the person you are today.

This little town will have a place in my heart forever, no matter where I end up and these are just some of the reasons why. Thanks to my best friend, Maci Duncan for helping me with this article. You're a true townie.