Fall is the best season
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20 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season of All

Hey Fall, I’m ready for you.

20 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season of All

We are only a few short days away from the most wonderful time of the year: FALL!

There's just something about the season, that makes me so happy and cheerful.

“But I think I love Fall the most of all" and listed below are 20 reasons why.

1. The aroma that fills the air.


The sweet sweet smell of fall time, is one of my favorite things about the season. There's are many different aromas associated without fall. Outside, is the crisp cool earthy leaf smell that fills the air and makes you feel so comfortable. When I think of the smell of fall, I think of the sweet aromas of pumpkin spice, cinnamon, caramel, crisp apples, and cookies. Just the thought of fall triggers my senses to think about the aromas and dream of the best season there is.

2. Call me a kid, but fall festivals will forever be my favorite.


I love festivals. I love fall. I love fall festivals. It’s the perfect combination.

Whether it be Octoberfest or a simple Elementary School production, there is something so magical about Fall festivals. They are a time to gather and celebrate the best season of all. They allow kids to be kids, and adults to, well, be kids again too.

3. It’s spooky season, boo. (;


Fall puts “a spell on you.” FALL allows us to be all lovey and warm, but it also allows us to get our spooky on. With fall, comes October, with October comes HALLOWEEN; the most fun holiday of the year. Halloween brings out the dark side of everyone. There’s just something about being scared and the adrenaline I get around Halloween that makes me love Spooky Season and Fall so much.

4. The Cool Weather.. (wait, who am I kidding, I live in Alabama.)


I love the Fall weather. I love the crisp coolness that fills the air. The wind blowing through your hair. Leaves falling around you. Cold enough to wear a sweater, but not unbearably freezing cold. Well, I mean, I love that weather when Alabama decides to give it to us, which is usually late October. But hey, a girl can dream. I love the thought of it anyways. No matter how long it takes to get here, I’m so ready for the cool fall weather.

5. The symbolism of change that fall presents to us.


Fall is a symbol of change. Change is necessary for all of creation, but sometimes I think we as humans fail to realize that. I feel like we get lost in our own world and think that change is a dreaded situation, when in all reality it’s one of the best situations and decisions you could ever make. Fall teaches us that there’s a time and a season for everything. Fall allows us to see just how beautiful change can be, and I love that aspect of the season.

6. Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING.


What would fall be with out PUMPKIN SPICE and all things nice? Pumpkin spice is honestly what makes Fall, well, Fall. Whether you like the taste of the famous Starbucks drink or not, I think every fall lover can appreciate Pumpkin Spice. The aroma it gives off, yells “FALL IS HERE,” and I LIVE for it. I am in love with the latte, but I love the Mrs.Meyers “spiced pumpkin” set almost just as much.

Want your home to scream Fall? Well here ya go sis, I’m gonna help you out. Here’s the link to get your very own complete collection of the glorified “Spiced Pumpkin.”


7. Pumpkin Patches


Pumpkin Patches will forever hold a key to my fall loving heart. I love everything about them, even the “corny” mazes. Hehe. (; Whether you want something to do with your family, your girls, or maybe just your “boo,” (wow. I know. I need to stop.) pumpkin patches are a must and they are so much fun for everyone. Do not let this fall “creep” (Okay, okay, I’m actually done.) by you without visiting your local Pumpkin patch. I promise it’ll be a fun fall memory to make!

8. Haunted Houses


Spooky Season is almost upon us, which means we get to spend lots of hard earned money to get scared. Sounds crazy, I know, but I don’t think I’ll ever stop going. I complain about the cost every time I leave a ticket booth, but the fun I receive in being scared and the memories that are made within the haunted walls will always be worth the cost.

P.S. if any clowns (not you, girl who’s letting a guy run all over her, (only joking)) from a haunted house are reading this post, please target my boyfriend instead of me. Thank you, it’s really appreciated. I love a good scare, but y’all are just too much.

9. The gorgeous Colors.


The colors of fall will forever be my favorite. I love going to the top of a mountain and looking out over all of the fall trees. There’s just magic within the colors and I love everything about it.

10. Fall styles


Let’s be honest, Fall is every basic white girl’s dream. You have the pumpkin spice and all things nice, but have you heard of sweater weather? It’s literally the best. You can be comfy, cute, and basic all at once. I love oversized fall swetears, paired with skinny jeans or leggings, and of course duck boots or combat boots. Basic, but I don’t think i’ll ever get tired of it. I’ve already turned my closet to all things fall, so I am so ready for that sweater weather to reach Alabama. (If it ever even does, my closet will be ready. )



If we’re honest, Fall in the south is basically just known as “FOOTBALL SEASON,” and I’m all for it. I love game days. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something so exciting about watching two teams fight over a ball, and run it to their end zone. I’m not the most educated when it comes to football, but I know the basics, and I love Football season. When I think of fall, I can’t help but think of the band playing and the fans yelling. That’s just fall in the south for you, and football weekends are the best of all.

P.S. Check out my bestfriend, Christin Pugh’s, “Saturday’s are made for football” blog post. Link below.


The best way to a girl’s heart, food.


Fall foods are the best foods. I mean have you ever been to a tailgate party or thanksgiving?? Enough said. Period.

P.S. don't forget this fall that Snapchat ALWAYS eats first. (;

Family time.


In my family, Fall is a time of gathering. We love to just go and do things as a family, and fall is a perfect time for that. There are so many cool activities provided in fall months that provide fun for ALL memebers of the family, even the college kids. Family is everything to me, so the fact that I get to gather with them more in the Fall makes me love the season that much more.

October. Period.


“I’m glad I live in a World where there are Octobers.” -Anne of Green Gables

Me too, Anne, me too. Fall brings me October, and October will forever be my favorite month. Everything about it is so perfect to me, and I’ll forever be a fan. I am just so much happier in the month of October. I love everything about the month, and if I could live in a world where there were only October’s, I would. Although, I probably wouldn’t appreciate 365 days as much as I do the 31 I get every year. I am so thankful for those 31 fun filled days.

15. Photo shoots


If we as girls are honest, we all know that Fall is the best time for a Photoshoot, and who doesn’t love a good photo sesh? The leaves bring a colorful touch to our pictures. Pumpkin patches with your significant other or besties screams we have to have an Instagram photo sesh. Festivals give us a free will to wear fun outfits and how dare you buy and wear a fun outfit without taking a cute picture in it? Fall pictures will forever be my favorite to see, so you got my likes girl. Go on and post those fall photo sesh pics. No judgement here. I’ll be posting mine too.

16. Cancer Awareness


celebrating life has come to mean more to me in this past year than ever before. I’ve attended and participated in many Cancer Awareness foundation gatherings, but I’ve never had it hit home to me until this past year. Having my Grandmother/bestfriend diagnosed with cancer really took a toll on my life. So, this year I’m gonna do all that I can to support cancer survivors and patients. I’m gonna do all that I can to honor the life of those lost to the horrible disease. This October, breast cancer awareness month, I’m gonna do everything in my power to be a light to those who fight and have fought. I am so excited to see what all I can do and where all I can help. I encourage all of you to celebrate life with me because this horrible disease affects so many around all of us and we can all pitch in to help.

17. The numerous DIY crafts.


With fall, comes craft season. Whether it be decor items, Fall thrifted outfits, bleach-dyed flannels, or wholesome clever diy Halloween costumes, Fall will always be my favorite time to get crafty. Do it yourself projects are so therapeutic and relaxing to me, and they come with such great reward, so how could I not love to do that in my favorite season of all?

18. Thanksgiving.


You already know. The food. The family. The football. The thankfulness. The fun. All in one: Thanksgiving Day. It’s one of my absolute favorite holidays and I look forward to it every year because of all of the symbolism behind it. It is a time of gathering, and to be thankful for everything you have and for everything this year has given you. Gratefulness on Thanksgiving is like no other.

19. Black Friday


Black Friday: One of the best days of the year. I love a good deal, but I love seeing other people who are obsessed with deals all quarreling over a Barbie Jeep. I love eating good at thanksgiving and ending my little season of fall, and diving straight into Christmas by going on a full night of shopping. There’s just something so much fun about it, and I look forward to Black Friday as soon as fall hits. My closet loves Black Friday too, but my wallet on the other hand, well, it’ll get over it.

“Fall” in love.


And last but not least, Fall is the best time to “Fall” in love. Whether it be with yourself or a significant other, do everything in your power to give love your best shot this season. I promise you won’t regret it. Love yourself. Love who you’re becoming. Love the season. Fall in love with something this season. I dare you.

And there you go, the many many reasons I love fall, and the list could go on. Fall will always be my favorite time of the year. The magic it brings makes me so so happy, and I can't wait another minute for fall to get here, but it looks like I have to wait anyways. I am so excited for the memories that'll be made in my own life this fall, and I hope you take this gorgeous season to make a few of your own. Fall in love. Allow change in your life. Get spooky. Eat good. Gather with your family. Be thankful. Shop till you drop. Celebrate life. Dress cute. Take pictures. Try pumpkin spice, you'll love it. Get out of your comfort zone. Make memories.

ENJOY your Fall Season, girl. You deserve it.

Fall, I'm so ready for you.



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