12 Things To Do On A Rainy Autumn Day
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12 Things To Do On A Rainy Autumn Day

Yeah, it's time to stay inside.

12 Things To Do On A Rainy Autumn Day

A rainy day can ruin a perfectly planned day out and about. With the weather recently, it’s put a damper on the chance to even make fun outdoorsy plans with the beautiful fall season at its peak. But it’s OK – there’s still plenty to do inside! Whether you had to cancel plans or just didn’t feel like leaving the comfort of your home, you can still feel productive on your rainy day blues. Here’s 12 things you can do that will make you feel triumphant over the weird weather.

1. Read a Book

You always say you never have the time to read. Well, now’s your chance! Pick up your favorite book or a new novel you’ve been dying to start and get cracking! Also, if you still have stuff to do around the house but still want to curl up with a paperback, try using audio books; Audible and iTunes have great selections. Plus, you’re bound to find a great coupon code for Audible – just about any popular YouTuber has their own personalized code for a free 30-day trial and one free book. Try it out!

2. Watch a Movie

This is easier said and done. Grab some popcorn and get cozy for a couple hours. Or try a marathon of your favorite series or genre and prepare for a full day in!

3. Do Some Chores

Now, it’s not your first choice on a free, rainy day. But if you have laundry piling up or a super messy room, then this is probably the best time to do it! That way, if you get a sunny day soon where you have no plans, you can go out and enjoy the nice weather!

4. Netflix and Chill

OK, I don’t mean it in that sense, but you do have a full 24 hours to binge-watch that TV series you’ve been dying to start. Need recommendations? Check out what was recently added or some of the genre tags on the streaming site. Personally, I just finished season 2 of The Flash and loved it enough to the point it’s my new favorite TV series.

5. Organize

Whether it’s your closet or your desk, there’s bound to be something that could use a bit of refreshing. It feels good to clean and throw stuff out you don’t need anymore. You feel more productive and there’s a better chance you’ll get more done that day.

6. Pamper Day

Time to break out the face masks! This is a great way to spend a rainy day! Run a nice bath (bath bombs optional), light some candles, and relax. Afterward, you can paint your nails, snack on some of your favorite treats, and do hair masks and face masks and body masks – basically just give yourself the full treatment of self-care.

7. DIY

I always want to spend my rainy days doing some fun DIYs! If you have the materials and the motivation, you will get an end result of a super cool product! With Halloween around the corner, here are a few of my favorites I want to try out:

Stand Alone Ghosts

“Bleeding” Candles

Skull Candle Holder

List of Halloween DIYS

Bonus non-Halloween DIY – Fleece Blanket Pillows

8. Plan Your Schedule

This is a great time to get your life together and figure out what’s going on in the next week, month, or even year. Grab your planner or a notebook and write down important dates, appointments, meetings, etc. Make it fun by color coding and adding designs or stickers! (I know that makes me sound lame that planning can be fun, but trust me it motivates you more.)

9. Go on the Internet

Before you say, “That’s not a productive thing to do,” just hear me out. Use it as a tool to find new music, TV Shows, movies, books, DIYs, etc. That way, you’re prepping for other things to do that day! Or just go on Tumblr all day. It’s up to you.

10. Baking/Cooking

Make some food! Not only will your house smell amazing, but your tummy will thank you, too. Here are a few baking/cooking recipes I want to try sometime soon:

Halloween Bundt Cake (I’ve done this before and it turns out so beautiful – and delicious!) Instructions are also in the description box below the video!

Apple Cinnamon Loaf

Pepperoni Pizza Twists

S’mores Gelato Shake

11. Spend Time with Friends/Family

Now this could mean leaving and going out in that yucky weather, but if you live with family or you’re in a dorm building with some friends, then it isn’t as hard as you thought. Either play some board games or choose an idea above to do with them!

12. Go Outside!

I know this was meant to be an indoorsy, cozy rainy day article, but there’s still things to do outside your house! Whether you splash in puddles or visit museums/libraries/movie theaters, the rain should never prevent you from doing something you want to do (as long as it’s safe and any activity wasn’t canceled due to the weather.) Embrace the weather!

As I wrap up writing this, it’s still very rainy outside. My plans are definitely going to revolve around this list and the best part of it all? You don’t even have to get dressed! Enjoy the weather and stay dry everyone!

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