Being in your Senior Year means crunching for hours to get your thesis done on time by the end of the semester; however, Senioritis strikes hard when it comes to writing a thesis. Here are 30 things, both good and bad, that I would rather be doing than writing my thesis.

1. Taking my girlfriend on a date

2. Climbing a mountain

3. Going to the beach with friends

4. Becoming friends with a shark

5. Playing Pokemon GO in a New England snowstorm

6. Treating myself to Ben & Jerry's

7. Coming up with a senior prank that's better than my high school senior prank (It was terrible)

8. Having a few (or a lot) drinks with my (legal) friends

9. Watching a new Netflix or Hulu Original

10.Skateboarding down a long road on a sunny day

11. Being forced to hitchhike home from college

12. Go through old-school fraternity hazing

13. Walk through a graveyard at night

14. Go on a vision quest

15. Play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch for 48 hours straight

16. Drink hot sauce straight with no chaser

17. Go toe-to-toe with the Incredible Hulk

18. Go cliff diving

19. Be in the pit at a Twenty One Pilots concert

20. Suffer through Freshman year icebreaker

21. Gain the Freshman Fifteen. Twice.

22. Be a Delivery Guy for Domino's on the first Friday/Saturday night of the semester

23. Go to class drunk/high with a Conservative Professor

24. Go on a long drive at night with my good friends

25. Do the Gummy Bear Challenge

26. Ice Skate on melting ice

27. Having Thanksgiving II in the Spring and deal with the relatives again...

28. Work at Walmart to pay my entire college tuition

Watch the video here by Joe Santagato to figure out why this is such a bad idea.

29. Go sledding and have snowball fights

30. Last but not least: Have sex

Yeah, writing a thesis is not fun, and there is always something else you'd rather be doing. Alas, we must push past the procrastination and get it done. It's the last big challenge before graduation, afterall.