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    I've been writing since I was in 4th grade, and I never really stopped. For a class project, we had to complete our own book and get it published, so that was really the start for me. It took me until 8th grade after that to come up with a concept I liked enough to stick with it through the end, all 400 Microsoft Word document pages of it. Ever since then, I have been editing that novel and writing short stories on the side, adding all the new writing skills to each new piece as I grew older.

    I gained an interest in Journalism when I entered into my Sophomore year in high school. I saw it as an available class and thought it could improve my writing skills. Very soon into the year, I discovered a passion for it. I became the Entertainment Editor in my Junior year and even created my own column about five apps hot on the App Store each month. As soon as I entered into my freshman year at Southern New Hampshire University, I found the student newspaper, the Penmen Press, and soon joined the ranks as a Staff Writer. Going into my Sophomore year, I decided to take on a bigger role and more responsibilities as the Copy Editor. By the end of the first semester, the soon-to-graduate Editor-in-Chief saw my potential and asked me to fill in her role starting in the following semester, and I graciously took on the role. For my Junior year, I decided to take on a Co-EIC to help raise the paper to greatness, and now, going into my Senior year, I stepped down to Opinions Editor in order to give some fresh blood the chance to make their mark on the paper.

    With my future just lurking around the corner, I want to start making a name for myself. I want to gain experiences, in creative writing, journalism, and throughout the whole world. I want to meet new people and voice my opinions so I can actually be heard. I pride myself on being a creative individual, and I hope I can inspire many minds throughout the span of my life.

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