11 Things Only Girls Under 5'2" Will Relate To

11 Things Only Girls Under 5'2" Will Relate To

"Oh my god, you're so small!"... You say this like I don't know.

Like birds of a feather, short girls have to stick together because most people like to joke with us about our height. While this is a disadvantage of being short sometimes it's fun to join in on the joking because being short really isn't that bad. But, here are some things that us shorties can relate to.

1. Your Friends Try To Act Like They Can't See You/Use Your Head As An Arm Rest

This seems to get annoying sometimes and it's most likely your guy friends that act that way, but you just deal with it.

2. You're Used To People ALWAYS Saying Something About Your Height

I've always been short so this is something that I've just grown up with. I love when people say "Oh my god, you're so small!" like you've never seen yourself or realized how short you were.

3. You're Used To Climbing On Counters Or Anything To Get What You Want From The Top Shelf

This seems to always be a struggle for me because anytime I want something I feel like it's at the top and I can't get it without climbing on something and looking like a fool.

4. You Can Pretty Much Date Any Type Of Guy You Want

Even the short ones because they're probably still taller than you. But, if you're anything like me you like the tall ones, like the ones that are a foot taller than you are.

5. You're Always In The Front Of The Picture

And if you're not you might as well forget it because no one can see you behind those people.

6. Your Feet Probably Can't Touch The Ground When You're Sitting At A Desk

And because of this you probably swing your legs and look like a child, or at least I do.

7. You Struggle To Find Pants That Fit Right

Most pants are long on me even the ones that say "short" and if they do fit right height wise they're probably either too small or big in a different way, it's like a never-ending battle.

8. You're Always Asked To Get Things In Small Spaces

Like at Thanksgiving when your family needs a pot from the smallest cabinet that is also lowest to the ground, they ask you first.

9. Kids Are Always Comparing Their Height To Yours

As if you didn't hate your height enough, kids in elementary school compare their height to you and suddenly you're like wow I am actually a child's height.

10. Small Feet = Kids Shoes

If you're anything like me and love shoes, then you're always looking for the best deal on them. Well, when you have small feet that means you can get kids shoes and they're usually at least $30 cheaper.

11. When You Tell Others Your Height You Add On The Little Quarter Inch

When people ask me for my height, instead of telling them I'm 4'11" I tell them I am 4'11" and 3/4 and they probably think that's weird, but for me, every little inch counts for us short ones.

Cover Image Credit: Kaylyn Atchison

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Being Hungry Sucks, No Kid Hungry Is Here To Save The Day

Hunger can be caused by many different things.

We all know that without proper nourishment our bodies can gain a host of problems, some of them being a “weakened immune system, physical and mental stunting, [and an] increased risk of diabetes.”

Hunger can be caused by many different things; living in a food desert, poverty, climate change or natural disasters to name a few. In the US alone, one in six children goes hungry every day. In my opinion, it’s the children that are most vulnerable because they don’t have the ability to gain access to the many social programs in place to help defeat their hunger without an adult.

In order to help the children in America who struggle with hunger, there is a program called No Kid Hungry based in our nation’s capital. At No Kid Hungry, there are multiple programs already in place to ensure children are receiving the nourishment their bodies and minds need to grant them success.

The programs are:

1. School Breakfast

Many kids do not get the chance to eat a healthy breakfast before heading off to school in the morning. Without a proper breakfast, children struggle to focus in school and therefore their grades can be impacted negatively. Since the launch of the school breakfasts with No Kid Hungry, 2.8 million additional children are being served breakfast at the beginning of the school day with their classmates.

2. Summer Meals

Children who rely on discounted or free school lunches to fill their bellies often times struggle to continue receiving proper nourishment during the summer when school is no longer in session. As a result, No Kid Hungry has implemented the Summer Meals program where children can receive free meals at schools and community centers all summer long. However, some sites have limited hours of operation, can be difficult to get to, or may be closed during severe weather. In order to help make meals available to every child at every time of day no matter the circumstances, No Kid Hungry is working to introduce mobile meals delivery.

3. Afterschool Meals

Children who come from impoverished families and neighborhoods often times only have access to the free lunch they receive at school, making it their first and sometimes last meal of the day. With Afterschool Meals children are guaranteed to go meals to be satisfied.

4. Food Skills Education

Although school meals are helping children, one of the best ways to help them is to educate their parents and guardians on “how to shop for and cook healthy affordable meals.” In order to educate the public in different ways (no one learns the same) the Food Skills Education programs teach through the use of “interactive grocery store tours, hands-on cooking classes, smartphone apps and other resources – all free, and all run through trusted local community programs.” Through the program, a staggering 464,000 families have learned how to shop smarter and cook healthier.

All of these programs are amazing on their own right, but it takes more than just offering these programs in select cities to truly end childhood hunger. How can you help? Well, for starters you can make a donation. You can also be an advocate and if you're a parent or teacher, you can work on bringing No Kid Hungry to your community. You can start a fundraiser, attend an event, and speak up for kids by contacting your local and national government officials to protect the programs already in place such as SNAP.

So, how will you help?




Cover Image Credit: pexels

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13 Life Hacks That Will Help You Live A Happier Life

Simplicity and prevention are keys to a happier life.

A piece of advice I often hear from my mother is that simplicity is always best. It was only when I began to truly mature that I realized the utter truth in this, and began adapting it to all aspects of my life, something that I think has made me an overall happier person. Another great piece of advice from my mother is that prevention is always best. I really began to put these pieces of advice into practice during my last two years of high school, and I realized that some little things I changed really helped my overall happiness:

1. Sleep well

I can’t stress the importance of this. Helps you focus, helps your mood, you are 100% more productive and at the moment during the day. Is something I am constantly underestimating, and possibly the point on this list that I struggle the most to live by, but when I do it really makes a difference.

2. Achievable to do lists

There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you didn’t achieve anything after a day of work. Sometimes its just because you are a terrible procrastinator, but it can also be due to too high goals. Start small, make the first point something you can easily tick off, this will motivate you to do the rest.

3. Exercise

Positive endorphins are released, you get to burn off your stress and you live an overall more healthy life.

4. Eat before you get too hungry

Hunger physically hurts, you aren’t able to concentrate and your bad mood bothers those around you.

5. Drink water

Do you sometimes get weird headaches that seem to come from nowhere? Could be dehydration.

6. Gum in your bag

For when you are feeling sleepy but can’t take a nap or when you don’t have time to brush your teeth but have a terrible taste in your mouth.

7. Pretty and comfortable clothes

Itchy sweaters, skirts that you constantly have to pull down and jeans whose zippers are constantly opening are all small contributors to a bad mood.

8. Ask help when you need it

Know when you are out of your depth and instead of becoming increasingly frustrated while trying to do something ask for help.

9. Know your support system

From the friends and family you can rely on to having your doctor’s office’s address and telephone number within easy access, you will find you will stress less about some things going wrong because you are more prepared to deal with disasters and accidents.

10. Eat healthily

I don’t believe in going to extremes such as cutting junk food off completely, but a balanced diet has done wonders for my mood.

11. Take medicine when you feel bad

This goes for an occasional headache or having a cough drop if you feel a cold coming on, for more serious things obviously go see a doctor.

12. Don’t hold your pee

It's unhealthy, it hurts and is terribly distracting.

13. Write everything down

Write things down as you remember so you don’t have to depend on your memory.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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