In a world full of over 7 billion people, it is impossible to get to know each and every single individual. Every human being has their own personality characteristics that make them unique. Some people may be shy while others may be out going. Some may like to keep to themselves while others may be an open book. When it comes to being an introvert, people may categorize this as a bad thing. I know I am an introvert and I am completely fine with it. It is one trait out of many that I have that makes me, me. Here is just six things introverts like myself can relate to.

We would rather stay in than go out. While everyone else is looking forward to a Friday night of partying and drinking, you can probably catch me binge watching netflix in my room. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going out once in awhile, but sometimes I truly just want to lay in my bed and relax. I have no shame with staying home on a Friday night.

Books and movies are our best friends. Books and movies gives people a chance to escape reality for a little bit of time and jump into a plot that can take us away. While I enjoy being alone, I’m not just going to lay down and do nothing. I enjoy occupying my time with reading books or watching movies. It gives me entertainment and at the same time it’s relaxing. I get to sit down and cuddle up in a blanket and escape the world through a movie or a book.

We tend to overthink. This may not happen to only introverts, but at times when we are by ourselves, our minds run off. It happens to me where I can literally think about solving world problems instead of sleeping or think about everyone I care about in the matter of 5 minutes. Overthinking situations may put us in awkward situations because we may put way too much thought into something that can be as simple as what we want to do for the day.

We have a few really close friends. Just because I’m introverted doesn’t mean that I’m not capable of making new friends. But it does mean I’m more comfortable around the people I have shared my life with over a long period of time. It takes me a lot longer to warm up to people I just meet, but eventually I will talk your ear off when I am comfortable with you. Introverts tend to have a few really close friends they can open up to and they can relate to instead of a large group of friends.

We don’t like to be the center of attention. Not everyone enjoys being the center of attention or having the attention brought on them at all. If I do something good, I don’t do it to get attention, I do it because I wanted to. Public speeches terrify me and is something that many after to overcome. I’m not the first person to raise my hand to participate in any in class activities whatsoever. My face most likely is beat red if all the attention is centered on me only. Introverts tend to avoid situations that will put them the center of attention.

We really don’t mind doing things alone. A lot of people enjoy companions to run errands, go shopping, or go out to eat. Although I do enjoy that from time to time, I really don’t mind doing those things on my own. You get to do things on your own time and your own pace. It’s not a big deal to me to go out to the store alone, as a matter a fact I enjoy it at times.

Introverts are mostly misunderstood in a world where you should speak up for yourself. People may look at introverts as loners but they don’t understand we may choose to be alone. No, I’m not a huge fan of being the center of attention, going out every single night, or participating from time to time. But I do love reading, enjoy alone time, and love my close family and friends more than life itself. If you are reading this and know you are an introvert, you are not alone. May binge watching movies, diving into books, and meeting new people be forever in your favor.