There are so many ways that I can express my feelings. It can be by venting to someone, crying it out or just listening to music on how I feel and how my emotions are.

The first way that I can express my feelings are by venting to someone. It be can my dad, my friends, family or my boyfriend. The normal way I do it is that I just vent out all of my emotions or express my feelings; it's normally by me just telling them what is wrong with me, why I have been so upset or just feel so down on myself about life, school or just about anything in general. It's just the best feeling in the world knowing that I can vent to someone in my life that I can trust and that will make my feelings a lot of my feelings more stable and make all of the depressing, pissed off and emotional feelings go away and make me happy again.

The other way that I can also express my feelings is by putting on some music. The way I do that is by my mood or my feeling if I'm in a happy, great mood then I will listen to songs that just make me even more happier and that will bring a smile to my face more than usual. But if I'm upset or depressed about something then I will put a song that is very sad and will just make me cry and just make me think about sad things in life. However, when I just want to listen to a song that describes my current love life then I will put on a song that will just make me feel loved more than ever.

Since I'm a girl, some people will say that it is easier for girls to express there feelings more than guys. It's a lot harder for me to express my feelings than other people can imagine. It can be hard for me to tell people what I'm feeling inside. As I started getting older it was a lot more harder for me to express my feelings.