The Stages Of Watching the Olympics

Once every two years, the world tunes in to watch as the top athletes go head to head, trying to win glory for their country in the Olympics. If on some strange account you haven't noticed, this is one of those years. The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio started officially began on August 5th, and the games will wrap up on Sunday the 21st. Now I'm just going to come out and state it, I am not really a "sports person." By that I mean that I know the basics of most sports, but if given the choice between watching a game on t.v. or watching something else, I will choose the other option nine times out of ten. I'm also that person who never really goes to sporting events on campus. However, for me, the Olympics are a completely different story. Ever since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, I've been hooked. What started out as just watching Artistic Gymnastics and Figure Skating has turned into me obsessively watching all the Olympic coverage on NBC for two weeks straight. By the end the games, I am a a self-proclaimed olympic expert, listing of record times and naming the biggest winners. So sorry Mom, you're regularly scheduled programs are going to have to wait, because right now this super fan needs to cheer for her country. If you need me, this is what I'll be doing for the next two weeks.

1. When you first realize its an Olympic year

2. When you get progressively more excited as the games get closer

3. When its finally time to watch the opening ceremony

4. When you remember that you don't have DVR, so you can't save anything to watch later.

5. When your family is surprised you're up early, but volleyball and water polo start at 7am

6. When you realize that your watching a sport that you don't even like, but it's the Olympics you keep watching

7. When you forget there's a time difference and get spoiled by the results on social media

8. When you try to talk to people about the events you've been watching but they have know idea what you're talking about because they have been to busy to watch so they're just like

9. When it's suddenly 3:45 am and you realize that you've been watching the games for over eighteen hours straight

10. When you've watched so many events that you start to forget just how good these athletes are and start thinking you could do better

11. When you actually attempt to do a move you had seen and then remember just how much you don't sport

12. When you realize there's only a few days left of the games and you'll have to go back to you're regularly scheduled life soon

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