The Problem With Elections in "Republican Areas"
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The Problem With Elections in "Republican Areas"

Spoiler alert: the problem is that they aren't ever just "Republican Areas" not to mention the fact that the recent elections have been particularly harmful.

The Problem With Elections in "Republican Areas"

Recently there have been a few elections in more conservative areas that haven't ended with the particular state or district being declared blue and shedding the red from its head and heart such as the 6th district special election in Atlanta -which isn't done by the way, the runoff is coming up soon #voteyourossoff- where the Democratic candidateJon Ossoff was mere digits away from the 50% needed to avoid a runoff (which is a great achievement for running in a "Republican district"), the special election in Montana which ended red in more ways than one when Greg Ginaforte assaulted a reporter simply for asking a question-and to some having the microphone too close to Ginaforte's face. These elections seem to have been much more harmed than helped by the endorsements that the Republican candidates received from the president. Without regard for these candidates' past records or personal character the president seems to latch on to the Republican candidates in elections like these simply because they are the Republican candidate. Even though his involvement of not only his own input, but also the use of his vice president and namesake son for campaigning, did not impede the election of Ginaforte. Nor did the praising of Handel and bashing of Ossoff -no matter how arbritrary- seem to deter the 20% who voted for Karen Handel in Atlanta's election. Some would blame the Democratic candidates. but the real issue with these elections is one that continues with the Iowa election to unseat Rep. Steve King.

Violence and hate are a sadly universal trait among those who consider themselves liberal and those who would say they're more conservative. Whether or not we see that in the immediate media we're all human and sadly all succumb to hate. This is especially noticeable in politically charged circumstances such as elections like these that some would assume are just a typical case of identity politics at work. "Just party politics" is exactly what elections like these be if it weren't for Trump. The Iowa election did not receive his typical interference as witnessed by the Montana endorsements and Ossoff bashing, but unfortunately for Kim Weaver Iowa's Democratic candidate it wasn't necessary. Weaver announced that she was withdrawing from the congressional race not only so that she could be with her sick mother in Des Moines, but because she was receiving death threats and possibly even had incidents occur at her home. She also cited fear of losing her healthcare if she quit her job to campaign full time which in the current political environment, most if not all Americans can relate to.

The question remains as to if we can truly escape hate rhetoric when it comes to simply seeking proper representation. Growing up in the majorly conservative state of Georgia I have experience when it comes to living in a "Republican district" as many have described Atlanta's 6th and other areas during these elections and the national election last November. It's the older crowd that's used to the norm and sticks with it. It's your grandparents and their friends who consider any election that's confined to your home area to be just a case of party politics. It's those same individuals who bashed Jon Ossoff as just some kid who doesn't even live in the 6th and had nothing to say about what they themselves would do for their community. We are a nation led by people who like these Republican candidates think that they don't owe it to their constituents to actually say why they should be elected and why they want to be. It's been made clear in recent townhalls that Republican elected officials have this mentality that they only need to worry about their supporters-and even then not anyone who makes their job diffiicult.When areas get so stagnant that citizens only stick to what they know that is dangerous for everyone involved. When my representative doesn't think he or she has to take everyone's opinions and need into question then how am I being represented? When my representative doesn't think that he or she even has to truly campaign because this is a "Republican district" then how am I being represented? How is anyone? How is our country being led?

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