The Only New Year's Resolution You Will Ever Need

As we approach the end of January, there is an important question I have to ask everyone: What was your resolution for the new year, and have you started working on it yet? I fear that most of you have either forgotten what it was or already swept it under the rug with the promise of pulling it back out next month, or maybe the one after that. What are you waiting for? The new year is already a twelfth over. But, unfortunately, you're not alone. It is too common for new year's resolutions to get overlooked for half the year or even forgotten altogether. I used to do the same thing, but at 22 years old, I think I finally figured this whole new year's resolution thing out.

First of all, most resolutions are too specific and focused. It may seem better to focus on one thing for the whole year, but when you promise to work out more or eat healthier, you end up thrusting yourself into a cycle of "I hate myself for eating that last brownie" and "Why didn't I take the stairs? I'm so lazy!" The whole point of making a new year's resolution is to work on yourself. These negative thoughts bring nothing but negative self-images and feelings of failure.

I was tired of hating myself when I should have been improving myself. This year, my resolution is the one resolution I think everyone should have. It's simple yet complex, and I already feel like a new person, even though it's barely been a month.

My resolution is to be a better, happier me. This is the perfect new year's resolution for a few reasons. For one, it can be reused every year and can always mean something different. You can always add to your happiness. The most important thing about this resolution is that you don't need to live up to anyone's standards but your own. You're not fitting into what society thinks is healthy or beautiful. You are simply improving yourself for you.

This may seem like a really vague goal, but that's the beauty of it. I've chosen to focus on just a few things at a time. I'm starting with the easy things: drinking more water, eating less junk, staying organized. Later on in the year, when I'm happy with my progress, I will add more to it. Maybe I'll focus on going to the gym or focus more on my writing, who knows?

With a looser goal that will change as I go, I will always feel accomplished and proud of myself. As long as I feel like I have made progress, big or small, my resolution has been met. Stop getting stuck in a cycle of self-hate. That is no way to start a brand new year. Love yourself while improving yourself.

If you would like to give my new year's resolution a try, here is a list of some mini-goal ideas I've come up with to get you started. Happy New Year!

1. Be more positive.

2. Go over class notes at least once a week.

3. Drink at least two full glasses of water each day.

4. Use the stairs at least twice a day.

5. Make sure you are happy first.

(This is a very difficult yet important one.)

6. Leave some time each day/week for your passion.

7. Stick with the friends you can count on and strengthen those relationships.

8. Call your mom/dad/siblings more often.

9. Smile more.

10. Go for the job/position that you want.

Remember, this year is about making a better, happier you!

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