The Night I Saw My City Come Together
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The Night I Saw My City Come Together

Once a Blue Devil, Always a Blue Devil

The Night I Saw My City Come Together
Texas Redzone Report

This past fall, my alma mater experienced a football season unlike any other.

Each Friday night while at college, I would shake my head in disbelief as my mom texted me updates of my high school’s recent win. Having never experienced games like this before, I was shocked to return home for our homecoming game and see an amazing victory. This team had it all together, and it was incredible to see.

Naturally, when I heard our 8-2 team had made it to the playoffs, I knew I had to be in the stands cheering them on. My small town of Wickliffe, Ohio, is unique in that our residents are there for each other no matter what. We may not know everyone that lives in the four mile radius of our borders, but we support the success of our city with spirit, spunk, and dedication.

Upon entering the stadium Saturday night, I smiled upon seeing the stands jam-packed with fans. The band played the infamous fight song as the drums lit up under the jade-black sky. This was high school football at its finest.

Sporting our blue and gold, we sat on the edge of our seats as the second half moved through. Our encouragement seemed to push the team closer toward the end zone. Rather than talking through the action like the entirety of my high school experience, I was paying rapt attention to the plays unfolding before me.

A tie score with seven seconds left in the game.

A field goal. Players run onto the field, celebrating their victory.

Our team crumples to the ground. Our crowd falls silent.

The stands stayed silent for just a moment. Then we burst forth once again, shouting encouraging words to the players and praising them for a fantastic season, regardless of their loss. I hugged friends I hadn’t seen in months and said my goodbyes, promising to return home for the holidays.

And just like that, it was all over.

But was it?

This game gave my city a new life, a cause to fight for together. Even though we lost, we have immense hope for next year. Not just anyone would see this situation like this. But in Wickliffe, we sure do.

I’m so proud of my alma mater football team and cannot wait to see them take the field at Wickliffe Memorial Stadium next fall.

Once a Blue Devil, always a Blue Devil.
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