The Miracle Oil?

Marijuana, weed, kush, ganja, reefer, doobie, and the green goddess are just some names for the cannabis plant according to Of course there are more terms and more slang names for this come people are calling the miracle, "herb," or drug in the 21st century, for curing their chronic pain and help manage the various autoimmune diseases that plagues many people in this day and age. Some people find people have found a lot of success with using CBD oil with decreasing inflammation, to having chronic pain completely go away within weeks (where prescription drugs has not decreased their pain in years) Also perscription drugs have a ton of side effects.....and to my knowledge CBD oil does not have any (little to no) side effects, which honestly is amazing. So, some of you are thinking (well, maybe, probably) why are you, the straightlaced Leah, writing about CBD? Easy, because I have autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, inflammation, and have to take a ton of prescription medications. I am sick a lot and in a ton of pain. I wanted to try something else to help my never ending struggle for a, "normal," life. So, last night I decided to look up different reviews on CBD oil and ordered a starter bottle. I am hoping that this is and was the key to myself and many others living a normal life. Because, just like a lot of autoimmune disease sufferers I am at the end of my rope!

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