The major causes and foreseeability in motor vehicle accidents
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The major causes and foreseeability in motor vehicle accidents

motor vehicle accidents

​motor vehicle accidents

Natural causes in motor vehicle accidents are almost nonexistent. Examining the causes of motor vehicle accident can persuade you to respect the importance of being responsible. Although acting reasonably is not demanding, it is fair to say that the majority of motor vehicles accidents result from reckless driving. As members of the community, each of us violate the traffic rules. The conclusions of drinking and driving, and texting while driving can be the same. In the blinking of an eye, things may get different in traffic.

To prevent accidents that arise from foreseeable causes, the laws impose strict duties on motor vehicle drivers. The aim is to provide safety in the traffic by prohibiting actions that may potentially pose a risk to others.

Distracted driving

Numerous factors may distract the driver during the cruise. The use of phones of all kinds, smoking, eating or being in a conversation can make the driver lose his/her attention to surrounding events and threaten others. Under the personal injury laws, the driver's duty is to evaluate the risks involved in the activity before performing. As texting, smoking or similar actions are universally determined as risk-containing actions, drivers should avoid these.


Violating traffic rules brings negative consequences along. However, the chances of experiencing these consequences for others are higher. The speed limits, traffic lights and signs are being put after a long evaluation process by the traffic engineers. This means, the purpose of these regulations is to prevent the risk involved in exceeding these limits. Upon reaching certain speed levels, the risks are more likely to turn into facts. Drivers might not have time to respond to the actions of others in traffic.

Lack of vehicle inspection

Not every motor vehicle is street legal. To be eligible to register to traffic, vehicles should pass inspections. Every couple of years, these vehicles should be reinspected as modifications or unhealthy parts in motor vehicles pose a risk to all in traffic. The vehicle is likely to lose its braking capacity if the clutch system is damaged. Or, the interior safety measures might be insufficient for traffic.

Ignoring traffic signs

In specific situations, these signs are very beneficial. Sometimes, noticing the other vehicles might be impossible. These signs are placed at certain points to warn the driver about the risks. If the sign demonstrates that the accepted speed limit is 50 kilometres per hour, this means that the traffic is likely to get dense and the speeding driver may not be able to stop. If it is a school zone sign, pedestrians are likely to pass through the zebra walks. While cruising, it may be impossible to notice the pedestrians. For this reason, understanding and obeying these signs are important for both the driver and pedestrians.

Aggressive driving

Whilst obtaining your driver's license, lecturers demonstrate the importance of your actions in traffic by numerous examples. If you cut on and off, other drivers are likely to lose their balances and take incorrect actions to avoid hitting you. If your actions are unpredictable, other drivers may not be eligible to evaluate their further actions. As a driver, your duty of care is to change the lanes by using turn signals, respecting the following distances and hesitating to accelerate or brake suddenly.

Liability in motor vehicle accidents

Victims of motor vehicle accidents may claim compensation to recover their economic and non-economic losses. If you are at fault, your insurer may cover the victim's loss. However, your insurance premium might significantly increase. On the other hand, being the source of an accident wouldn't be nice.

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