You've heard it before--but I am reemphasizing this. Being sick in college is the worst, especially as a freshman. It's the first time being away from home and your parents aren't there to bring you soup or buy you more tissues. You have to keep going to class and function but it's close to impossible. Here are some thoughts on why being sick in college is the worst, as told by The Office:

1. Waking up and just knowing you're getting sick

No no...this cannot be happening. I have two exams and three papers due this week...but you're doomed.

2. Realizing it's more than "just a cold"

Now you need antibiotics which requires a long walk (where you feel like passing out) to the Wellness Center and then the pharmacy then all the way back to your bed

3. Being too sick to get out of bed to grab more Advil, water, food, or tissues

4. There is no time to be sick with class...clubs...sports...

But I just want to sleep...

5. And just a few days after getting over your sickness, you get sick all over again because college is a never-ending cycle of germs