The Five People You Meet Your First Month of College

The transition from high school to college continues to be a battle everyday. However, if you are able to meet the right people, it makes everyday more enjoyable, something to look forward to. I feel as if I have known these people for all my life, when it has only been a month in reality. There are certain types of people you are going to meet in your first month, hopefully you're lucky enough to realize what unique people are right in front of you.

1. Your Romance

I know. As college starts, it is crazy to imagine finding a romance too. But, I can assure you that you do not realize how much of a bubble you are in before you come to college. There are some amazingly special people in this world. I was fortunate enough to meet one my second day here. You will find someone who makes you forget that time exists and that you actually have classes to attend. A word of advice, do not let romance distract you from classes. If they are truly a good person, they will make sure you focus on your school work instead of pulling you away from it. This feeling of immediate love may scare you, but I promise you it is worth it. Love is so rare in this world, make sure you take advantage of it at a pace you are comfortable with. Sometimes, you just know. So, fair warning: you may meet this person in your first month of college as crazy as that sounds. Do not let them go.

2. Your Best Friend

Most of us have someone at home we consider our best friend. It was probably our hardest goodbye too. However, there are so many people you have not met here. I promise you that you will find someone on campus that will become your best friend. It may seem weird at first, that you are not with your best friend from home all the time. But, you are going to find someone new at college. I am not saying you are replacing your best friends from home, you are just expanding your circle. I have found the best of friends in my first month. They are the people who you can go to with any problems, the people who feel comfortable with. Out of all the kids on campus, there is bound to be one person that you truly connect with. I found someone who I know will be a lifelong friend, and I know that our relationship will continue to flourish during our time here. It is such a nice feeling to have someone be there for you 100% as you transition into this new setting.

3. Your Roommate

This one is a given. Whether you decided to go random or find your roommate on the Facebook page, this is the person you will be living with for the next 9 months. You guys are in this together. They will most likely be your first friend that you meet. It is not a bad idea to talk to them and set some guidelines so that your room is a healthy place to be. Most people are under the impression that you have to be best friends with your roommate, but that is not true. As long as you guys are able to get along and have a comfortable living space, that is all that matters. If you are having problems with your roommate, definitely talk to them, as that is the only way that the problem will be solved. Always try to resolve the conflicts that may come up, no matter how small. This way, they are over and done with before they escalate. If you are like me, you may luck out and end up loving your roommate. If so, congratulations! As the year goes on, you guys will continue to grow and develop your relationship. And no matter what is going on in the outside world, you guys have each other always. It is basically like you get to live with your best friend, which all of us have wanted to do since we were five.

4. Your Laughs

Sometimes, college can get a little overwhelming. The course work can be extensive, the transition may be cumbersome, and you may find yourself wondering why you signed up for this. In these moments, you have to remember to take a break from all of the stress. You have to search for people who help you forget about reality for a little while. I found such a close group of friends that makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. Find people who support you and are able to just have fun with you. So often we forget that we are not in this alone. We have friends who want the best for us. I have never met such respectable and dedicated kids as the ones in my close circle of friends. Laughing always seems to be the best medicine when you are stressed out. So, make sure you find people who make you cry tears of joy and make you roll around on the floor laughing. Those are the moments you will remember in college; the nights you spent with the people who will always be there. You will not remember the one night where you had to take an online exam or finish a paper. You will think back to the memories you shared with the people you love.

5. Yourself

The last person you meet is yourself. Moving on from high school to college is a significant change. In your first month here, it is likely that you will be doing a lot of self- reflection. College is the chance to start over and reinvent yourself if you wish. You will find that life here is a lot different, and you may experience lots of change, especially in your first month. That is OKAY. Do not think that you have to be the same person as you were in high school, if you do not wish to be. I have begun a healthier lifestyle, I manage my time better, I have made new friends. I feel like I am at a place in this world where everything is really exciting and new. There are so many opportunities to better myself. That is perhaps one of the most rewarding parts of college as of now, having the chance to discover yourself. Here, you can focus on your passions and your interests so that you can live the happiest life possible. So, do not be afraid to find yourself in your first month of college.

It has only been a month and I have met people that I know will be my best friends for life. Time will go on, and you will continue to meet so many people at your school. Keep making those connections. Do not be afraid to try new things and spark conversations with people you may have not known. That is where the magic happens. Be willing to put yourself out there. I can only hope that you find those people that make you feel like home on campus. And search for what you love, and everything else will fall into place.

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