The Fat Yoga Instructor

Being a plus size (or fat) yoga instructor is nothing like I would have expected. It's honestly been a lot of blood, sweat, and lots of late nights thinking to myself; "how the hell did I end of doing this with the rest of my life?" But, at the end of the day I enjoy doing the actual job of teaching yoga to individuals, even though there are a things in this job that I would have never thought of encountering. From students judging my size, to people thinking I don't know what I am doing, to others thinking that I should be the one taking the class and not teaching it; lets just say the amount of time I have dealt with this stuff is almost equivalent to the amount I am actually teaching. But, hey you can't like every single part of your job can you? So lets break down a day in the life of me, a plus size yoga instructor's life.


No, I am not a morning person. So, waking up in the morning involves a ton of coffee or black tea; usually at least two cups or so, if not more. I turn my phone on and watch some youtube videos, because regular TV is irritating and boring (in my humble opinion). After I wake up and after about an hour or so of videos I try and start my work day!.My work day usually consist of me doing a live stream, or researching some different yoga poses and styles that I had questions on. Of course there are a few breaks in the mix due to I tire out pretty quickly. Of course breakfast and lunch is mixed into the equation during the time.


Afternoon to late evening roles around and this is usually when I start my yoga work day (usually is the key word). I currently teach at 8 places for yoga, and at any current day I usually teach a triple; three classes in a row at three different locations. Classes usually go off without a hitch, unless a situation happens. What would be considered a situation? Well, a situation would be if I have a new person that automatically makes a quick judgement and gives me the once over, which i have happen frequently.

While I was starting a new session at one of the locations I work at I had a few clients walk into the room where class was going to take place gave me one look and exclaims, "YOU'RE THE INSTRUCTOR REALLY?" As I said yes the clients dropped their heads down, shook them, and walked to their spots for class while whispering to themselves. Another place I use to work at let me go for the reason (I think, to this day I don't know) I am plus size.


Yes, I deal with a lot of judgement and people not believing that I can do my job. And, to be honest this makes me feel like I am worth nothing, when different situations like I described above happen. Just think about it, YOU know that you are qualified to do your job; no you are not a size zero, but that shouldn't matter! Isn't yoga suppose to be a non judgmental arena. This is true for the clients, but in my experience it is not for the instructors, especially the plus size instructors.

With all of the criticism and judgement thrown in my face, I have a lot of people ask me, "Why the hell do I teach yoga?" I teach it because I love it; point blank, end of story. I wouldn't and couldn't see myself doing anything else. So, the next time that you think a fat girl can't do yoga, think again!

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