The ABC's Of Missouri State University
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The ABC's Of Missouri State University


The ABC's Of Missouri State University

Can I get a go bears?

A- Athlete's

Athlete's will always have there new Nike backpack with there sport on it on.

B: Boomer

The Best Mascot Ever!

C: Clif Smart

The Best University President Ever!

D: Duuuuuude

This is what you say obnoxiously to you friends.

E: Energy Drinks

This is what you drink when coffee doesn't do it.

F: Fountain 

The most beautiful thing you will ever see.

G: Garst

It was the better dinning hall until #ratgate.

H: Hill Hall

The College of Ed building where everyone is always happy.

I: Identity 

This is what you will form while you are here.

J: Junior Year

A death sentence for most people.

K: Kemper Hall

This is the awkward building people forget about.

L: Long Lines At CFA

Pro tip: Grubhub ahead the 50 cent fee is worth it.

M: Meyer Library

Also known as Club Meyer this is where a lot of people study.

N: New Student

This is anyone that is new to our campus.

O: Ope

The most midwest word ever.

P: PSU(Plaster Student Union)

Q: Quiet Hours

Time in the Resident Halls designated to being quiet.

R: Resident Halls and Assistants 

This is where you live and the people who have the help you learn how to make it on your own.

S: Student Organizations

The best way to get involved on campus and meet new people.

T: Tailgate

The best time of the year.

U: Under and Upperclassmen

Upper: Juniors and Seniors

Under: Freshman and Sophomores

V: Vacation

This can be defined as anytime you get away from homework.

W: Water

This is the thing that floods campus when it rains.

X: Xenias

A fancy word that Agriculture majors will say when talking about plants.

Y: Yogo

The most relaxing class offered at Foster Rec.

Z: Zumba

Another fun class offered at Foster Rec.

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