I love New Jersey more than anything. I have so much pride for my state and no one will ever take that away from me. Everyone has their own thoughts about Jersey and a lot of them are negative. Being a Jersey girl I want to set the record straight about a few things.

A: Armpit of America

New Jersey is very commonly known as the armpit of America. It is the farthest thing! We have beautiful beaches, gardens and beautiful scenery. We are called the garden state for a reason.

B: Beaches

Cape May, Long Branch, Belmar, Seaside, Wildwood, Point Pleasant, you get the point. We have a so many beautiful beaches that millions of people go to. Don’t know what to do? Head down the shore! Even on a rainy day the boardwalks are still fun!

C: Central Jersey

It exists! I live there. Don’t even think about saying it’s not real.

D: Diners

Any hour, day or night, you can always find a diner at any corner! Literally anything you could possibly be craving, the diner will have it and it will be delicious.

E: Exit 9

People from New Jersey always refer to where they live as exits. “I live off exit 9!” It’s just an easy way to navigate the state.

F: Food

We have the best pizza and the best bagels. Enough said.

G: Great Adventure

Any weekend you feel like you have nothing to do, go to Six Flags. It’s an hour max drive and you can spend all day riding the coasters! Even the tallest, fastest roller coaster in the world, Kingda Ka.

H: Hollywood Stars

Shaquille O’Neal, Jon Bon Jovi, Queen Latifah, Victor Cruz, Frankie Valli, John Travolta, Frank Sinatra, Derek Jeter, Meryl Streep, Paul Rudd, Whitney Houston, The Jonas Brothers, and so many more! Clearly New Jersey did great things regarding fame!

I: Interstate

You can literally get from point A to point B using the interstate. Just make sure if you’re in the left lane, you’re going fast.

J: Jersey Shore

The cast from Jersey Shore doesn’t even live in New Jersey and no I have not met them.

K: Kohrs Bros

Only the best ice cream you will ever have.

L: Long Beach Island

One of my favorite places to go. Beautiful beaches, beautiful town. Every spring break I went here and each year it got better and better.

M: Malls

You can find a mall within 20 minutes from wherever you are. Don’t like what they have at one mall? Take a quick little drive to a different one.

N: New York City

Have nothing to do on a Friday night? It’s only a 40-minute train ride to the city.

O: Obnoxious drivers

We undoubtedly have the craziest drivers. We may not all be good drivers, but we also have some of the best drivers.

P: Pride

Even if people hate living in New Jersey if someone is talking smack about it, they will go off and defend it. We have so much pride in our state.

Q: Questioning why anyone would leave

I love New Jersey and I can’t imagine ever leaving.

R: Reality TV

Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, Jonas, Jersey Couture, Glam Fairy, Cake Boss. So many TV shows are filmed right here in New Jersey. They may or may not be my favorite shows.

S: Sports

New York Giants, Jets, Eagles, Phillies, Yankees, Mets, Nets, Knicks, Rangers, Devils, Red Bulls. We can support so many teams because most of their stadiums/arenas are in New Jersey or we just have pride for our surrounding states.

T: Taylor Ham

Taylor Ham or Pork roll, depending on where in New Jersey you’re from, it is the best thing in the world. Pork Roll egg and cheese on a bagel. Nothing better than that.

U: Underrated

New Jersey is so underrated. It is actually an amazing state and unless you’ve lived here or spent more than a day here, you can’t say anything about it.

V: Vacation

There are so many amazing vacation spots in New Jersey. From LBI, Cape May, Jersey City, Atlantic City, literally anything you want to do, New Jersey has it.

W: Wawa

I feel bad for those of you who have never had it. It’s actually the greatest thing on Earth.

X: Excellence

New Jersey is full of excellence. From celebrities, to location, to food. New Jersey is just the best place to be.

Y: You hate us

You hate us cause you ain't us. Stop hating on Jersey it’s just as good, if not better, than any other state.

Z: Zeppoles

Fried dough with powdered sugar. Melts in your mouth and has an amazing taste. You can get them on any boardwalk, at any fair and depending on where you are, some restaurants have it too! If you have not tried them, come to Jersey, they are amazing.

I love New Jersey more than anything. You can take a girl out of Jersey but you can’t take Jersey out of the girl.