As I sit in my mom's car listening to country music and having deep conversations with her, I think of how wonderful and beautiful this work is.

Besides all the evil and nasty things in this world, it's God Creation. He made it all for us and I am so very thankful for it all. it's so important to remember all the great people and things we have in our lives including Jesus and our relationship with him.

Lately God has really been on my heart. He's helped me go through a lot of things and without him and my faith in him I would not be who I am today.

If you just take a moment to really look around you and notice everything God has given you, you will realize that you're blessed. He loves us So much. No matter our past, no matter our sins he sent his single and only son to die for us. That amazes me in so many ways.

Read his word.


Listen to what he puts on your heart.

Be forgiven.


For he is the one that we all need. For he is the one that created this beautiful world for us.