Dear Mom and Dad,

I want to start off by saying that raising a child is honestly the most difficult thing a person can do. I really don't understand how you did it five times. I know I can be a difficult child to deal with. I'm sorry for being so sassy (sort of), but when you have four brothers, you really have to do anything you can to stand up for yourself. For me, my survival is all thanks to my attitude. But I know it's annoying to deal with. Especially when you're both tired.

I wanted to do all of the sports when I was younger. Even though I have absolutely no athletic talent and spent most of my games on the bench, you guys still went to everyone. You have no idea how much that meant to me. You cheered me on, even when I back-courted in 4th-grade basketball.

When I finally found my talent in music, I'm sure you guys were thrilled. Those band concerts could be so boring, especially when you have to go to three a year for seven years. But I was still able to spot you all in the crowd, looking proud after I played each solo.

When I didn't get the marching band position I went out for at the end of my sophomore year, you both were there to tell me that I would get it next year. You encouraged me to use it as a learning experience, to work extremely hard all year so that I could get it the next year. When the tryouts rolled around again at the end of my junior year, I was confident and even stronger than the year before. When I called you both up the next week at lunchtime to tell you I landed the position, neither of you were surprised. You guys believed in me the whole time.

When I began college, I went through a really horrible depression. Having you guys less than an hour away from me was what got me through the first semester. Thank you for always calling to check up on me, encouraging me on my worst days, and most of all, getting me out of there. You both gave me such confidence when it came to filling out college applications all over again. You didn't stop the encouragement and words of wisdom until I found the perfect fit.

Thank you for always telling me how proud of me you are. You both encourage me so much to go after everything I want to do. You've taught me that anything is possible if I work hard enough. I love you both more than you will ever know.


Your Only Daughter