I'm not trying to be biased, but I really think I have the best mom in the world.

Additionally, her and I have an amazing relationship. We are real with one another (probably too real), we laugh together, we talk deep and emotional together and we just enjoy being together. Part of enjoying hanging out with my mom so much, brought me several "Bonus Moms" over the years. These Bonus Moms were friends of my mother's whom I liked so much that they became like second moms to me.

Sometimes it starts when you become the unofficial Uber driver for your mom and her friends.

Sometimes it's begins with the great conversation you have with your mom's girlfriends when she tells you to "come say hi" to. If you have a woman or two like this in your life, you should feel so incredibly blessed.I know I do! Here's how you know when your mom's friend has become your Bonus Mom.

A Bonus Mom wants you to tag along with your mom for drinks (we usually go for margaritas or wine).

She not only asks your mom for updates on how you're doing, she personally texts you and asks. A Bonus Mom is a confidante for topics of too much information, but it's okay, because you're not really her daughter.

Bonus Moms are the women you adore for all the same reason your mom adores them.

You actually love them on a different level because you're so grateful for the way the love, support and encourage your mom.

On behalf of all the daughters with Bonus Moms as great as mine, and especially to my bonus moms, you know who you are — Thank you.

You love your friend so much that you learned to love her daughter. Thank you for letting us join in on girls night out every now and then. Thank you for checking in when you know we're going through a hard time. Thank you for the motherly advice and the constant encouragement. We know you love us, but we need you to know how much we love you.

Thank you, Bonus Moms!