30 Signs That Your Mom Is Actually Just Your Best Friend
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30 Signs That Your Mom Is Actually Just Your Best Friend

Common occurrences in the mother-daughter best friendship.

30 Signs That Your Mom Is Actually Just Your Best Friend

Of course we're all kind of stuck with our moms, but if the following apply to you, you're definitely best friends with yours too.

(Trust me, I know from experience.)

1. You find yourself calling your mom first when anything exciting happens in your life.

2. You find yourself calling your mom even when nothing exciting is happening in your life.

3. She definitely knows you better than you know yourself, and she sees RIGHT through you.

4. You have ditched plans with friends because she wanted you to do something with her.

6. You ask your mom's opinion about nearly every decision you have to make, and you take her advice super seriously. (You return the favor often.)

7. The song "The Best Day" by Taylor Swift is the most relatable thing ever.

8. There's really NOTHING you can't tell her, and she definitely doesn't hold back either.

9. You answer "Who do you admire most?" "Who has made the most lasting impact on your life?" and "Who do you aspire to be like?" with "My mom" every time.

10. You often catch yourself thinking about how lucky you are to have the best mom ever.

11. You guys just eat it up when people tell you that you look exactly alike.

12. You ask each other for outfit advice ALL the time, and are brutally honest with each other.

13. She likes every single one of your Facebook posts, and you're guilty of doing the same.

14. You text every day (and send each other selfies too).

15. It's cool with you if she hangs around you and your friends. I mean, you hang out with her and her friends too, so it's only fair.

16. She knows just what to cook for your birthday dinner, and to never offer you the foods that you hate.

17. She brings you spontaneous gifts just because she knows you'll love them.

18. She brags about you to all of her friends.

19. No worries, you brag about her to all of your friends too.

20. You think she's Supermom, even though she messes up sometimes.

21. Her words of affirmation are the ones that you value most.

22. There's no such thing as "too old" to take Dad's side of the bed when he's gone.

23. She picks on you more than anyone else does, but you're totally cool with it. You'll get her back when she least expects it.

24. She'll help you out of any sticky situation that you manage to get yourself into.

25. You worry about her just as much as she worries about you.

26. She's always your biggest advocate.

27. You guys bicker about stupid things and debate about important ones (but it always ends in hugging it out).

28. Neither of you ever leave the house or hang up the phone without saying "I love you" first.

29. You know that you aren't just "stuck with each other," but you vow to maintain an incredible friendship with your mom for the rest of forever.

30. Because at the end of the day, you really owe it all to her.

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