Thank You, Odyssey
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Thank You, Odyssey

One year ago today, I published my first Odyssey article.

Thank You, Odyssey
Jordan Hawkins

One year ago today, I published my first Odyssey article.

The response to How Being Single Has Helped Me Grow - and many articles after it - blew me away. Readers have been so encouraging as I shared my experiences, observations, and contemplations.

An Outlet to Share

Odyssey became an outlet for me. When I needed to vent a little (respectfully, I hope!), I wrote an article. When God laid heavy subjects on my heart and I needed to share, you read them and responded thoughtfully. When I wanted to talk about what I had been learning, you encouraged me.

I shared personal experiences that made me feel quite vulnerable. My Heavenly Father assured me that I was not oversharing and that He would be glorified, and I believe He was. My confidence grew as I saw how readers were encouraged by my writings.

I wrote about difficulties in college.

I wrote about giving my life plan to God.

I wrote about changes in my ideas of romance.

It's not just the articles that have made Odyssey such a special place; it is the interaction with readers, many of whom are friends, that made writing even more meaningful.

There were countless times when I logged onto Facebook and saw a response to an article that made me deeply grateful for sweet friends and kind words. I developed stronger relationships with you as I read your responses.

Radical Respect

In a world that felt increasingly divided and volatile, I published The Post-Election Problems Of A Conservative Millennial rather hesitantly. Every response I saw gave me fresh hope that Americans can, and do, interact with thoughtfulness and kindness.

Some of you agreed with me, and some of you did not completely agree... but you all respected me and interacted with my ideas without attacking me as a person. How refreshing.

(Especially after experiencing atmospheres of intellectual censorship! To be fair, I had wonderful experiences at college, too.)

Seasons and Change

I wrote about seasons and boldness and faith. (A lot.)

Now, a year later, I'm moving into a new season in faith. Amid changes, it is time to leave Odyssey.

Short of a catastrophic event, I'll never stop writing. (I'm making plans to keep writing now, even if it takes a little time to get started again.)

One year ago today, I published my first Odyssey article.

Today, I am publishing my last (for now, at least) Odyssey article.

It has been a wonderful year... and you have been fabulous readers and friends. Thank you!

And thank you to Odyssey for giving me a platform, support and instruction, and experiences that have only increased my love of writing!

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