Invest Right Where You Are
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Invest Right Where You Are

When we invest in difficult situations, it prepares us to fully enjoy days to come.

Invest Right Where You Are

It is so much easier to dream about “one day” rather than focus on today.

Wishing Your Life Away

Perhaps the clearest example of how I’ve wished away portions of my life is one that has resurfaced recently.

For years, I wished that I had more siblings. I loved the idea of big families. Even as an introvert, I reasoned, “The more, the merrier!” I wasn’t particular as to the method of gaining siblings—natural siblings, local adoption, international adoption, fostering…anything!

Then, it happened. I gained another sister through a beautiful, God-written adoption story. Through the process, I discovered that even the most wonderful blessings still contain challenges.

Life suddenly became a lot harder than I had expected. It was incredibly tempting to “check out” of family life and long for the next season of life. You know, that elusive “someday” void of trials where we live happily in a perfect family doing fulfilling work with no financial or health or relational problems.

But as I prayed and learned from others around me, I realized that we’ll never be in a perfect season of life. That may sound discouraging, but I found it incredibly freeing. Rather than wishing for the next season when these difficulties will be resolved or lessened, I was free to invest in the situations and people around me in faith that God had me right where He wanted me.

Preparing for Tomorrow

As I reflect on this, I think that today’s challenges prepare us for tomorrow’s blessings.

There will always be that “something more” that we need to make life just perfect. At my stage of life, I see the propensity for women to believe that getting a relationship—and, ultimately, a husband—will give them the happiness they believe they cannot have on their own.

But no person or situation can ever satisfy us. While it is true that marriage is a blessing from God to be enjoyed, another person cannot fulfill us. There will be challenges in marriage just like there are challenges in singleness. What makes us think that we will be able to work through the hard times in seasons to come if we cannot do it now?

When we learn to keep investing in difficult situations, it actually prepares us to fully enjoy days to come. We have blessings now—and we will have more blessings in the future—but we will miss them if we only focus on the challenges.

I’ve Found a Secret

The key to investing and digging in during the hard times isn’t to put on a positive attitude. It isn’t just to grit your teeth and do you what you need to.

The secret is leaning on Christ. The One who could have fled the cross stayed put and won the ultimate triumph (Lk. 22:42, Mt. 26:53). Only when we allow His power to work in us can we also stick it out where right where we are.

And as we choose His love for those around us, as we choose diligence instead of apathy, and as we choose faith over fear, we find that it’s not just a question of survival. Even during the hardest times, we can thrive in Christ.

The reality of God’s victory is greater than any temporary reality in our lives. We just need to grab ahold of that truth and lean in.

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