10 Things Every Hockey Players Knows To be True
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10 Things Every Hockey Players Knows To be True

Hockey is a unique sport, and so are the dedicated players.

10 Things Every Hockey Players Knows To be True
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Ten Things every hockey player had going through their mind at some point.

1. If you don’t know what breezers are, I’m already annoyed.

Breezers are the “shorts” that you wear that gives padding to your butt and thighs.

2. If you think hockey is about the fights and watch it for that reason, we can’t be friends.

Hockey is about skill and hard work and teamwork and self-control. There is lots of discipline involved and thinking on your feet. The sport is not to be brought down to broken down into a small part of it that is fighting. Hockey is not about fighting. If you want that watch boxing.

3. When coach says get on the line…you die a little inside.

Getting on the line usually means conditioning. Thou conditioning makes for a great team, getting there is never fun

4)The sounds of freshly sharpened blades on fresh ice at 5:00 am is the most wonderful noise that has ever been made in the world.

5. Every single day in the locker room the same 5 people ask for pre-wrap and tape…If you have it you will be hunted like a deer on opener.

6. You can skate better than you can walk.

A lot of hockey players will tell you that they learned to skate when they were around 2 years old. If you grew up in Minnesota, it was probably at an outdoor rink at a local park.

7. You have the same person sharpen your skates…every time

It is very important to know how your blade is going to feel on the ice. Your kinesthetic sense will completely be thrown off if there is a wave on an edge of the blade or if they are too sharp or too dull.

8. Walking out of the cold rink into a hot August mid-day after a morning clinic is the worst feeling in the world.

After walking in the rink on a crisp morning, then having an awesome workout in the rink. Walking out into the humid thick pea soup air is the worst.

9. I play hockey 10 months out of the year...or more.

10. No, I can’t hang out, I have practice.

Most hockey players know the feeling of Hockey comes first. Lots of relationships, friendships and romantic struggle with a dedicated hockey play’s schedule.

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