The 10 Best Underrated Songs Taylor Swift Has Written Throughout Her Iconic Career
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The 10 Best Underrated Songs Taylor Swift Has Written Throughout Her Iconic Career

Out of the dozens of songs Taylor Swift has written, these are hands-down the Top 10!

Listening to "Red" by Taylor Swift

I'll start off by stating that I don't think Taylor Swift has written a "bad" song. There have been songs that may not be as great as her classics, such as "Love Story" or "You Belong With Me," but each song she writes is from her heart. I asked a couple of my friends what their favorite songs were and combined them all into a list for you! I also tried to choose songs that were from each album, even though I was tempted to make this whole list only from "folklore" and "evermore."

1. "Call It What You Want" from "Reputation"

I feel like this album gets a lot of hate, and to be honest, it's not my favorite album of Taylor's. HOWEVER, I actually really love this song because it beautifully exemplifies the metaphoric style she uses when writing her music. This song is so sweet because it paints a picture of her not caring about what other people think about her and her new relationship. Instead of focusing on the labels, she's only focused on the way he makes her feel!

My favorite lyric: "I want to wear his initial on a chain around my neck, not because he owns me, but 'cause he really knows me."

2. "Wildest Dreams" from "1989"

I remember when this song came out - I was OBSESSED with it. I always felt like I was in a dream when I heard this song, and I think that is why it was so popular. The song itself feels very airy, light, and makes you feel like the main character of your own romance movie. It's kind of sad, though, because she's singing about how she knows this relationship isn't going to last and it's mainly just for fun.

My favorite lyric: "Someday when you leave me, I'll bet these memories follow you around."

3. "Our Song" from "Taylor Swift"

Who doesn't love the old Taylor Swift? I decided to pull this gem out of the vault because this is such a classic. This was the very beginning of the Swifties and where Taylor showed her songwriting skills. Not only is this song catchy, but it really captures the meaning of love through the small things in life.

My favorite lyric: "Our song is the way you laugh, the first date; 'man I didn't kiss her and I should have.'"

4. "exile (feat. Bon Iver)" from "folklore"

We're going to go into sad songs now. With the help of Bon Iver's vocals, this song helps the listener understand the void created between two lovers. I remember when I first listened to this song, I was crying for days because I feel like a lot of people go through this type of break up at some point in their life. It really captures the idea of a relationship ending due to miscommunication, which is really sad but relatable, making it a popular song!

My favorite lyric: "I think I've seen this film before, and I didn't like the ending."

5. "coney island (feat. The National)" from "evermore"

I really like this song. Even though it's a really depressing song, the music itself is super peaceful and makes me think of a foggy morning much like the music video. Something that I find interesting is that Taylor Swift will usually hear a tune and try to visualize what the song sounds like without any lyrics and then will incorporate that into what the song will be about! Pretty cool, right?

My favorite lyric: "The question pounds my head, 'What's a lifetime of achievement?' If I pushed you to the edge, but you were too polite to leave me."

6. "seven" from "folklore"

This song makes my heart happy because it's so innocent. The "Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions" documentary on Disney+ talks about how this song was supposed to resemble what it was like to be 7 years young. Swift explains that at some point in our life it was "okay to throw a temper tantrum when we were younger and no one questioned it." I just love how she was able to capture the feelings and perspective of a child when loving a friend that you may not remember now.

My favorite lyric: "And I think you should come live with me and we can be pirates then you won't have to cry."


7. "White Horse" from "Fearless"

Don't put away your tissues yet!

This was the sob song of T-Swift's older music. I love this metaphor because she sings about how a boy broke her dreams of them being together. As soon as she's hurt, reality kicks in, and she realizes that she had her head in the clouds while they were together, so she was blindsided. I honestly remember jamming out to this song when I was in middle school and I was trying to relate to her like I was heartbroken too.

My favorite lyric: "I was a dreamer before you went and let me down. Now it's too late for you and your white horse to come around."

8. "All Too Well" from "Red"


Do you ever have that one song that you get so lost in because you literally feel like you're watching a movie? That is how this song is to me. There are many details that layout the scene so vividly, and every time I listen to this song, I never sing along because I'm so entranced by the lyrics and the story. This is such a powerful song that depicts the sad story of a relationship ending but still remembering all of the little blessings and dark times during it.

My favorite lyric: "Cause there we are again when I loved you so, back before you lost the one real thing you've ever known."

9. "Back To December" from "Sparks Fly"


I feel like this song really hits me in my feels because it talks about someone who realizes that they loved the person they broke up with. They regret leaving them in the first place, and they talk about how they miss them. However, they understand that they may be rejected. The bridge of this song really is the best part, hands-down. I just love that she's willing to face her fears of knowing she screwed up, "swallowing her pride," and apologizing for it. I feel like that's true love right there.

My favorite lyric: "I'd go back in time and change it, but I can't. So if the chain is on your door, I understand."


10. "champagne problems" from "evermore"

OK... THIS has to be the saddest song I have ever heard in my life. Like, c'mon Taylor, you're KILLING ME. Just a girl that says no to an engagement and then ghosts him. Like OK. But seriously, this is a pretty song because of the piano, but I cannot imagine this ever happening to someone because this is really sad. Another thing that Taylor does (that I'm obsessed with) is when she sings the same chorus but subtly changes the lyrics to mean something else. For example, the first chorus is about her and the last chorus is about his new girl.

My favorite lyric: "But you'll find the real thing instead, she'll patch up your tapestry that I shred."

Now that I've cried approximately 4 times while writing this, you can now understand the impact that Taylor's songwriting has on her fans. I love her music simply because she tells a story so well. It is unlike any other artist on this planet, and it is truly a gift that makes her stand out.

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