Every Song And Lyrics Video From Taylor Swift's 'Folklore,' Ranked
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Taylor Swift Is On Some New Shit On 'Folklore,' So Here Is Every Song Ranked

My tears are still ricocheting all over the place from this one.

Taylor Swift Is On Some New Shit On 'Folklore,' So Here Is Every Song Ranked

Taylor Swift dropped her eighth album, "folklore," last night at midnight and, yes, it is incredible.

Taylor doesn't do anything half-heartedly and this surprise album proves that. Since she is the CEO of easter eggs and dropping hints as to when her next album will be released, this surprise announcement that her album would be released in less than 24 hours was shocking, to say the least.

Swifties everywhere were knocked off of their feet emotionally because there was no time to prepare — in the best way, obviously.

While this is Taylor's eighth studio album, it is also the second one that SHE OWNS.

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Along with this album, there was one music video release for "cardigan," which was a very Peter Pan-esque style video.


All of these songs invoke some sort of feeling in your heart, but this ranking is a pretty solid list. Just know, this PAINS me to rank any of these as low, because they are all great, but someone has to do it.

16. "this is me trying"

15. "mirrorball"

14. "peace"

13. "hoax"

12. "seven"

11. "mad woman"

10. "illicit affairs"

9. "my tears ricochet"

8. "august"

7. "epiphany"

6. "the last great american dynasty"

5. "the 1"

4. "exile"

3. "invisible string"

2. "cardigan"

1. "betty"

Fill out your own TS8 bracket for what songs you think dominate on "folklore."

Download it here.

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