I Ranked Taylor Swift's Albums From Worst To Best, And I Don't Care What It Does To My Reputation
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I Ranked Taylor Swift's Albums From Worst To Best, And I Don't Care What It Does To My Reputation

This is the hill I will die on.

I Ranked Taylor Swift's Albums From Worst To Best, And I Don't Care What It Does To My Reputation

It was tough because Taylor is a genius, but here it is. And, no, I will not be taking constructive criticism.

7. "Taylor Swift"

As much as I love little Taylor and her curly hair, I think we can all agree that the self-titled "Taylor Swift" is the weakest link. I love you "Tim McGraw" and "Picture to Burn," but you come in last.

6. "Fearless"

"Fearless" was a strong second album, no doubt. Who doesn't love Taylor in sparkly dresses whipping her long hair around? More cohesive than the debut but still a weaker link than the other albums, I have to give number six to "Fearless." Sorry, "Fifteen." You were basically my freshman year.

5. "1989"

As much as I LOVE this album and all its sarcastic, pop, love-song-y glory, it's still got a few skips (I'm so sorry, "Shake It Off") and I just can't justify putting it any higher on the list.

4. "Lover"

I love how "Lover" is a mature, diverse, Taylor-owned glory, but this era has been like radio silence for not being "reputation."

3. "Speak Now"

Ballgowns. Self written. Wonderstruck. "Haunted." Amazing.

2. "Red"

The cross between country and pop, making turning 22 a new landmark, the newfound maturity, the raw emotion before the media decided to make Taylor their personal punching bag. Chef's kiss.

1. "reputation"

From pop princess to I will ruin your life. Best comeback of any pop star. Ever. The dark, experimental, choreo-heavy era was to die for. That's that. (Justice for "Getaway Car," tho.)

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