Syllabus Week (as told by John Mulaney)

Syllabus Week (as told by John Mulaney)

5 quotes that sum up the first week of college classes.

The first week of classes can be stressful. From figuring out what you're gonna wear to how you're going to make it through your Intro to Bio course when there's only 4 exams and nothing else, it's normal to be a little nervous getting back into the swing of things at first! Yet, it's also pretty fun, with assignments typically limited (well, by college standards, anyways) as introductions are made and syllabi are discussed.

Here are 5 John Mulaney quotes that I feel perfectly capture the essence of "sylly week".

​"The more you do stuff, the better you get at dealing with how you still fail at it a lot of the time."

Your professor mentioning what study habits have "worked for students in the past", even though the class average is notably below what you'd like to earn.

"I like when things are crazy. Something good comes out of exhaustion."

Rationalizing as you run to your 9 am on Friday because you "overslept."

"Being president looks like the worst job in the world."

Trying to avoid getting roped into another responsibility at O-Fest.

  I've always believed that you often need less. You don't need to hear why people are friends, you don't need to hear why people are roommates, you don't need to hear why someone would help a friend to do something.

Avoiding those awkard icebreaker questions.

"I don't make plans anymore. So I'm not living minute to minute."

(Already) procrastinting on getting work done to go see your friends at 10 pm on a Wednesday because you haven't seen them in 3ish months, and plus, it's "sylly week!"

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