How Each Major Will Spend Their Syllabus Week

As the semester starts back up again, so does the talk of partying and drinking. The first week of the semester, known as syllabus week, is the week that you don't have any legitimate work that needs to be done, and it's the first week back at school surrounded by your friends and without the adult supervision. A.K.A. a time to goof around and drink a lot. While some majors have the luxury to do so, others are not so lucky.

If you need a bit of help, here's a list of majors and how they celebrate their syllabus week.

1. Computer Science

Can coding and drinking be a sport? See how much you can debug on a drunken mind.

2. Political Science

Who else do you think will ague with you about politics while three cups of Vodka Orange in? A frat boy?

3. Business

In business, drinking can be costly and expensive. So much for a healthy lifestyle, huh?

4. Engineering

The last time you drank was probably sylly week of Freshman year. Although, did you know that the Army Corps of Engineers created the Engineers drinking song?

5. Women/Gender Studies

You are the type to bring your own Pinot Noir to the parties. Not everyone is as classy as you.

6. Art

This is probably your favorite thing to do during your free time. That jungle juice brings out your creativity, right?

7. Psychology

You are the one that makes bets on who is going home with who tonight. Maybe one of those "who" is you.

8. Pre-Med

Uhm, the lives of others depends on you and how much you stayed awake in class. Stay home, buddy.

9. Communications

You are the one who talks the most and convinces people to do those weird things that no one wants to do unless they are hammered, and then you are the one to tape them doing it. And send it to them tomorrow morning to add to the hangover.

10. English

Tell us how different the drinking culture is in other countries. I dare you.

11. Education

You bestow your kindness on everyone when you are drunk. Even people who do not want it.

12. Language Studies

You are the happiest drunk of all who is only looking for a great party. You aren't even looking to hook up. You just want to have fun.

In the end, we're all trying to figure out some way to start off the new semester with fun and friends (even if that fun doesn't include drinking or partying). Coming from someone who doesn't have too much of a syllabus week anymore, 'the boring first week' phenomenon only decreases with time, and the older you get. So enjoy it now while you are able to! Cheers!

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