8 Things Georgia Southern Freshmen Need To Know About Syllabus Week

Oh, to be a Freshman again. I would do just about anything to experience the joys of Georgia Southern as a Freshman all over again. Everything is so new, so beautiful, and so big. it's crazy, really, to look back on the past three years at Georgia Southern and imagine my life any other way.

One of the biggest parts of being a Freshman is making it through the first week of classes... the week that is known as Syllabus Week. So, just to help you out, here are a few heads-up tips you will probably need to know.


Go. To. Class. If you don't you won't get verified as attending, and you WILL get dropped. Trust Me.

2. Professors don't understand the concept of syllabus week.

Professors will try to start lectures, and some will even keep you the entire class period... just breathe, they don't get it.

3. The Syllabus Week Challenge.

Whether you decide to take it on or not, you need to know what it is. The challenge consists of going out every night of syllabus week, having a drink (or five) and still being able to function the next morning. Note: you fail if you miss any classes.

4. Drop/Add.

The first three days of classes are your "get out of jail free card". If you have ANY doubts about your classes and whether you want to switch professors DO IT IN THE FIRST THREE DAYS. If you don't you'll get a W or an F for the class.

5. Syllabus Quizzes.

Yes, you read it right. Often professors will post quizzes online over the same syllabus that they go over in class. Yes, it is important to read the syllabus - if not, you'll wish you had when you skip class and lose 5 points.

6. Textbooks.

If you can avoid it, don't buy them from the bookstore. Amazon or Chegg have MUCH BETTER prices. If your professor says you'll need it the first week, make sure you stop and explain that you're waiting for shipping - chances are they'll understand.

7. Go find your classes ahead of time.

Walk through campus and find all of the buildings and classrooms. Especially if you have class in the Math/Physics building... also make sure you differentiate between the Natural Sciences Building and the Biological Sciences Building. Two opposite ends of campus.

8. Enjoy it.

This is going to be the most laid back, less stressful week of the entire semester.

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