7 Of The Best Ways To Get Through The Syllabus Week Blues

The first week of school is an exciting time as well as a dreadful time. We're ready to see all of our classmates again, but not quite ready to hunker down in the library and lose our tans. Here are some ways to get through that first week and start the semester off right.

Get fresh school supplies


There's nothing quite like opening up a fresh college-ruled notebook and writing down the most well-organized notes you'll have all semester.

Pick out your outfit for the first few days

Juliana Strobing

Even if it's just a t shirt and Nike shorts, still have it ready for when you wake up, just so you get the sense that you're prepared for the day, even if you're not.

Memorize your schedule before leaving your house


It just looks dorky to be staring at your schedule walking through campus. Lift your head and walk into your classroom with confidence! Just don't be so confident that you walk into the wrong room.

Look up your professors on ratemyprofessor.com


Don't solely judge them on this, but it would be nice to know what to expect.

Find or make a friend in the class


Everyone needs an "oh crap, what was the homework again?" buddy in the class. Everyone.

Get a good night’s sleep


I personally have been cuddling up to some Parks and Rec at about 10 PM every night.

Have one last fun school night

Juliana Strobing

Whether that means going out to the club or just getting late-night froyo, do whatever it is, because it's just about the last weeknight you'll be able to do anything fun all semester.

It seems bad now, but very soon we'll all get in the rhythm of classes and be back to normal. Classes aren't something to dread; they're the reason we're at school!

Happy studies everyone!

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