1. Hydrate or Diedrate

Drink plenty of Water!! Studies show that redheads have a sensitivity to the sun and thermal pain. A good way to prevent heat exhaustion is by drinking plenty of water! I personally try my best to drink 64 ounces a day.

2. Sunscreen is your new best friend

This one is pretty obvious. Wear sunscreen! Make it part of your everyday routine. Use it as a moisturizer when you first wake up in the morning and continue to apply it through out the day. I apply SPF 100 lotion in the morning and then I use a SPF 50+ spray during the day.

3. Make Baseball caps your summer trend

Sometimes putting sunscreen just doesn't cut it when you are a ginger. Buy some cute baseball caps to help protect your face from those scary UV rays!

4. Don't go blonde! 

Natural redheads, especially our more strawberry blonde haired friends, tend to see a change in their hair color over the summer. Long days spent in the sun can cause the sun to bleach the hair much lighter than it really is. Invest in some color protecting shampoo to stop your natural hair from changing!

5. Bronzer! Bronzer! Bronzer! 

Do you ever just look at your olive skinned friends and get jealous of their beautiful summer tans? Bronzer can help that! Apply facial bronzer to your face for a facial glow and apply oil with bronzer in it to your body for that summer tan look!

6. The sun is not your friend. Stay away from it.

Enjoy your summer and enjoy being outside but make sure to be in the shade as much as possible. If you want to go swimming, try going in the morning or evening. If your friends all want to go the beach, make sure to bring an umbrella!

Being a redhead in the summer can be pretty hard, but there are so many good things about it! Freckles everywhere! Amazing outfits to go with our amazing hair! A good excuse to stay inside and watch Netflix! So, fellow gingers, go out there and enjoy your summer, but please be safe!