A hell week in high school is the week before every break where teachers pile on the tests, quizzes, projects, and any other type of assessment possible. There are typically 4 hell weeks during a year: the week before Thanksgiving break, the week before spring break, and the week before each finals week. Regardless of whether you're a freshman or a senior, hell weeks hit you like a bus. You can see them coming like a storm, with the dark skies being the increasing amount of assignments received in the weeks before. Then that fateful Monday comes, and for 5 straight days you become a well-caffeinated machine in sweats with dark circles under your eyes. Going to school during hell week is kind of like an out-of-body experience: you wake up questioning your existence and slowly go through the motions of a typical morning, except with extra amounts of coffee. When you get to school, you likely find a place where you can cat nap without drawing attention to yourself. Then you go to classes as usual, except it's much easier to zone out and you find yourself seriously considering going home and taking a big, long nap. Then, you go home and tackle excessive amounts of homework until you're up at some ungodly hour of the morning and you can't remember your own name. Then, you sleep for what feels like a minute, and the cycle starts all over again and continues until that sweet, sweet Friday afternoon.