9 Ways To Survive The Flu In College
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9 Ways To Survive The Flu In College

It can be difficult without your mom there to take care of you...


This past week, I was hit hard with influenza A. Let me tell you, it was no joke. Not to mention that being sick when you're not at home for your mom to take care of you is the absolute worst! My body ached. My head pounded. Every time I coughed, my chest felt heavy and sore. I was so physically exhausted I could barely stand. I was so weak and tired, I couldn't scrounge up enough energy to get to the doctor until yesterday.

Unfortunately, I waited too long to get treatment and the doctor told me that starting it at this point would be pretty ineffective and that I'd just have to let my body fight the rest of it off. Much to my surprise, I woke up this morning feeling much better! Not 100 percent yet, but better than I was, by far.

Throughout my week from hell, somehow I managed to get by without my mom there to nurse me back to health. Here are my top 9 ways to survive the flu in college.

1. Get to the doctor, ASAP.

Don't pull a Zoë and wait too long to get help. Find a friend who can give you a ride to your university's health center and get treatment before it's too late! You'll thank me later. (Don't forget a doctor's note!!!)

2. Call in sick!

Whether it's for work, or class, or both, you don't need to be around anyone in your condition. I know it's hard to just kind of bail on work and miss a bunch of class but you're going to be helpful to no one when you feel like garbage.

3. Take a hot shower.

There's just something about a hot shower that sort of resets the body. Even though it won't eradicate your illness, it'll help soothe body aches and break up some of the congestion in your chest.

4. Get back in bed!

This is my favorite part of being sick, hands down. I could nap all day every day if it meant I wasn't sleeping my life away. So, I always try to take advantage of every nap I can get. However, sleeping helps heal!

5. Order some soup, or whatever your mom made you as a kid when you were sick.

Today, you can pretty much have any food you can think of delivered thanks to services like Postmates, Doordash, and Uber Eats. Order some Panera Bread and have yourself a picnic in bed, sis!

6. Facetime your mom.

She may not be there to take care of you, but you'll probably feel better just by hearing the sound of her voice!

7. Stay hydrated, and eat when you can.

It's über important to be constantly drinking fluids when you're ill so that your body can heal quicker. I know your appetite may be low, but try to get down some dry toast so to keep your strength up.

8. If you're feeling well enough to do homework, what's stopping you?

I always get overwhelmed when I'm sick because I hate getting behind in my school work. So, as soon as I can set myself up in bed, I hit the books. This alleviates a lot of the stress that would come if I had waited to do all of my late work at once.

9. Treat yourself!!!

If you're going to be stuck in bed all day with your laptop, it wouldn't be fair to ask you not to go online shopping, now would it? Allow yourself to spend $20 on whatever you want on Amazon. It just might perk you up.

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