Super Bowl 2019
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The Super Bowl Is Quickly Approaching, Here's What You Need To Know

#FlyEaglesFly? More like #ByeEaglesBye.


Here's the thing, I work at Buffalo Wild Wings, so I gotta know my stuff. Prior to working here, I still had a love for football, but I wasn't too into the NFL. Most of my attention was directed towards my school team (Shoutout Seawolves!) and the New York Jets (Yeah, so unfortunate, but loyalty matters. Waiting on the next Super Bowl debut). Let me tell you though, things can change so fast. I get to watch while I'm working, and I couldn't have wished for anything more.

Anyways, that was just a little background on myself which leads to the main point of this article, the NFL Playoffs. Unfortunately, my team hasn't made it to the playoffs since 2010, when Mark Sanchez was butting heads with Ben Roethlisberger and ended up taking a loss with a final score of 24-19 Steelers. In fact, the Jets didn't even make it to the playoffs this season which was an upset to Darnold fans all around.

The week of January 6th we saw our four wild-card games. Saturday, January 5th, the Colts took out the Texans with a final score of 21-7. Luck had made it a 21-0 game in the first half and threw only one interception. Although the stats for this game were nothing special, a happy ending was granted to the quarterback who had a shoulder injury in the previous season.

Not only did the Colts advance, but the Cowboys did so, as well. In a very close, well-played game, the Cowboys defeated the Seahawks by just two points with a final score of 24-22. Dak Prescott threw only one interception, making for 22 completed passes of his attempted 23.

It was the third quarter when Cowboys fans began to get nervous when Seattle was up by four. Fourth quarter comes around RB Ezekiel Elliot scores on a one-yard push putting the Cowboys in the lead. Prescott ended his rookie season in disappointment only to come back and clinch a win in the first round, as well as becoming the youngest quarterback to win a playoff game in team history!

Sunday, January 6th, two more wild-card games were played. Chargers faced off with the Ravens resulting in a final score of 23-17 Chargers. Just three hours later the Bears and Eagles went to war resulting in a Philly victory score being 16-15. At this point, I just started praying we wouldn't have another Eagles Super Bowl.

The week of January 13th, we saw divisional games. Saturday, January 12th, the Colts went on to play the Chiefs and within the first half, the Chiefs dominated by 17 points. Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri attempted a field goal from the 23-yard line and unfortunately missed. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce caught seven of the 10 passes thrown to him for 108 yards, allowing the Chiefs to increase their lead. The final score turned out being 31-13, eliminating the Colts from the bracket. Better luck next time, Luck!

On Saturday, the Rams went head to head with the Cowboys. In the first quarter, wide receiver Amari Cooper quickly caught a touchdown pass leaving the score 7-3 Cowboys. Los Angeles answers this quarter in the second with two touchdowns and a field goal giving them a 13 point lead. The final score came out to be 22-30 allowing the Rams to advance into the next round.

Sunday, January 13th, two more games. Chargers-Patriots game and Eagles-Saints game. Honestly, let's cut right to the chase here. Obviously, QB Tom Brady led New England to a victory with the final score being 41-28. This secures the Patriots a spot in the AFC Championship. Top seed Saints played the Eagles, and let me just say, I was holding my breath. #FlyEaglesFly? More like #ByeEaglesBye. The Saints lock in their spot in the NFC Championship with a victory over Philadelphia 20-14.

Sunday, January 20th, both the AFC and NFC Championship games will take place. Travis Kelce or Rob Gronkowski is the real question, and I'm really hoping the Chiefs pull through so that Tom Brady is humbled. Drew Brees and Jared Goff will be facing off. as well. This isn't my final prediction, but I would love to see a Chiefs v. Saints game for the 53rd Super Bowl. It will be played on February 3rd, at 6:30 pm, so get your wings and tune in!

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