Student Loan Debt: A Call For Action
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Student Loan Debt: A Call For Action


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In the wake of the coronavirus, many of us are in limbo when it comes to our financial situation. The majority of us have been faced with major difficulties that go far beyond the stress of our college courses.

Currently, in the news, there have been many rumors swirling around about college tuition relief plans. The President himself has even mentioned the possibility of a plan to relieve college tuition for the semester.

The problem with this relief is that it only would cover one semester or year of college. What we as students need is a total relief.

You see, what most politicians don't see are the hours we spend tearing our hair out for an exam, or the countless hours of preparation that goes into highlighting our notes at 3 A.M. to prepare for our 8 A.M., followed by our exams that follow hours later, only to go to work.

Politicians don't see the hundreds/thousands of countless U.S. dollars we have spent on books or the painstaking hours of dealing with FAFSA on the phone for any aid or relief.

To all of these higher-ranking members of government, an easy write-off is nothing to them but a scribbled signature next to an X. But to us, this is our future.

This is our dreams on the line. This is the future we are building in front of ourselves.

So many college students work to pay housing bills and overdraft their cards just to get a cheeseburger. So many students work two jobs and then must study for their exams and attend their classes regularly. It is nearly impossible to work and maintain a healthy sleeping schedule currently because of these hardships.

One of the biggest problems this country faces is student loan debt.

There are millions of people under the age of 30 who are unable to pay their rent. There are thousands of homeless former college students who cannot afford to have a roof over their heads or apply to rent apartment spaces. Hundreds of thousands of individuals are forced to live at home with their parents.

It seems that attended college has become more harm than good in this country as a result. The solution to these problems is to alleviate student debt.

By alleviating the student debt total in the country, we will have more people entering the workforce with a degree. More people entering the workforce will allow more individuals to have money to obtain houses, which would result in a decrease in the homeless population plaguing our country.

More money in our pockets will increase spending, which will send our capitalist economy through the roof which, in turn, will heavily chip away at our astronomical debt total. It does not matter your political stance, whether it be Democrat or Republican, this is an issue that must be addressed and resolved.

I am asking our government to recognize these problems and find the knowledge to understand that we have a problem that goes even deeper now in the current situation of the country, and I am offering a solution. That solution is to eliminate ALL college debt owed after the year 1989.

I am urging you as Americans to push this clause so we can build a brighter future in which every person in America has a chance at the starting line, instead of being miles behind before the gun even sounds.

- Jacob J. Graham


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