To begin, my intentions aren't to bash Kylie Jenner. Truth be told, she had insecurities, and she fixed them. Why? Because she can, and no body is stopping her. The bigger reason why is because she has the money too, unlike me.

But Kylie Jenner changed everything to look like me (full lips, curvy waist, all that good stuff), yet every day I wake up in the morning and I seem to get hated on by the very things that makes Kylie Jenner popular.

Let's be real.

Kylie Jenner obviously got some work done. I mean tons of work done. That's what plastic surgeons are for, they make wonders, and they're almost like fairy god mothers--except with a pretty big price.

The only thing that's the same on Kylie Jenner is her very pretty brown eyes. Her skin is darkened, her lips are fuller, her nose is smaller, and let's not pretend that she did not do any work to her jawline.

I hate to be that girl but:

And for all you people in grave denial: Kylie Jenner did some work on her body. I don't blame her, but seriously let's not even act like she's a 'late bloomer'. No one suddenly blooms an ass, a thigh gap, and lets not forget her infamous hips. I'm not having it.

Now, I know I said before that this wasn't going to be an article bashing Kylie, but I needed to show you guys certain things before I can get to my point.

When I decided to head on to Kylie Jenners instagram page, and I clicked the comments I saw tons of love. I've seen guys and girls commenting heart eyes and very sweet things about her. That's nice, even Kylie Jenner needs compliments to boost her day. But a few things rubbed me the wrong way.

Men were commenting nice things about her body and basically her overall appearance.


It's okay for Kylie Jenner to have fake hips and a fake ass and fake lips and wear fake hair and have fake lashes but when a black woman or even a regular woman does it--- she should be herself. She should be natural.

I remember discussing how much I wanted to get a Brazilian butt lift (look you can blame society and men for the reason why I completely hate my ass) and a guy blatantly told me that HE would not date me if I took my OWN fat from my OWN body and transferred it to my ASS. Mind you, my ass would be my ass because it will CONTAIN my FAT.

But Kylie, who I bet has silicone in her ass, and injected it with poison, gets defended and heart eyes by MEN. What in the world is this?

Now, this isn't be saying that men should bash Kylie for what she's done to her body. No, this is me saying that if you can approve of a celeb (what is she even famous for) fixing her body to her likeness, then you shouldn't shame a woman who's not a celebrity for doing so.

So I came to the conclusion that it's okay to have body modifications and weave and falsies when you are celebrity.

Yes guys, most of your beach babes and video vixens have fake bodies. Your WCW took a needle to the ass. Your WCW fixed her insecurities and now you love her for it. Now, you think she's the sexiest person you've ever seen.

But if I decided to spend a little money on getting rid of the things I hate about myself. I'd be told, "Love yourself".

Why can't celebrities love themselves too?

People like Kylie Jenner make skinny girls, and yes plus girls feel bad about themselves. Here we have skinny girls wishing that they had some ass, and here we have thick girls wishing that they were slim thick like Kylie. While we're wishing we had something like Kylie's or whoever else, we're not realizing that everything about her is not natural.

Next we have guys, wanting there girls to have the body like Kylie when that is merely impossible. Girls like Kylie create unrealistic standards for men, and poor females like me whose genetic code does not say, "Let there be an ass!", and "Let there be a thin waist!" get rejected because I'm not the particular 'unrealistic' figure they're looking for . I'm sorry that I don't have an anorexic waist and a colossal ass. Oops. Blame my mother. But I can if I pay for it. It is not our fault if our bodies don't look that way. And, I'm not saying that there isn't females who aren't naturally shaped that way, but still I've seen females who seem as if they were shaped individually by God with sugar, spice and everything nice, but guys still called them 'fat'.

But Kylie is a baddie. No, Kylie's ass is too big for her thighs. FYI, Kylie wears extensions. Indeed she does.

I know I said this is not a article to bash her but I had to say it.

So I came to the conclusion, I'll do whatever the hell I want. If Kylie can enhance her body then I can too. If I want to stay natural then I can too. If you don't like it then oh well forget you. Because, no matter what I do or what we do--- we're always going to get ridiculed for it.

Forget Kylie Jenner. Forget society.