With summer quickly coming to an end, many people are starting to get excited to see their friends at school again. But, for some, the stress of school quickly comes crashing down on them. Between classes, work, organization meetings, and homework there is hardly enough time to relax and enjoy quiet time alone. The need to continuously run and get everything done in a timely manner could make any college student stress. So this semester I challenge you to try one of these eleven ways to relax, de-stress, and find a way to enjoy your busy life.

1. Sleep

Even a quick nap could wake you up with a new mindset, and let you restart the day fresh.

2. Watch a movie

Watching a movie can help take your mind off of the many things stressing you out and is a great way to ease your racing thoughts.

3. Read a good book

Much like watching a movie, reading is a fun and entertaining way to escape your busy life to a new world at your fingertips.

4. Listen to music

Listening to music is one of the most popular ways to de-stress after a long day. A favorite song can do wonders to brightening your mood.

5: Exercise

For some exercising is a great way to release steam from a stressful day. It helps you feel better about your body and feel in control of your life.

6. Play with a puppy

Puppies are cute and playful, and can take anyone's mind off of their ever-growing to-do list. And, let's be honest, who wouldn't want to play with a puppy (or any other furry friend) if they had a chance?

7. Write in a journal

For many people, writing in a journal helps them sort out their emotions and take a small break from the hectic world around them.

8. Drink Coffee

After a busy day, sit down and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee (or anything else you may want). It's a great way to relax and have a moment to yourself before diving back into your busy life.

9. Go to a playground

Kids seem to always be happy and stress free. Go to a park and have some fun, maybe their stress-free life will rub off on you, even just for a little bit.

10. Take a hot shower or bath

Let the hot water calm you, so when you get out you are refreshed and can continue your day with a clean start.

11. Call a close friend or relative

Call someone you trust to talk about your day. Best friends and family are known for cheering each other up on rough days.

Next time you feel stressed about work or homework, try one (or all) of these ideas and find what helps you. Most importantly, try not to stress about your day and have fun!