Five Ways to Stick With Your New Year's Resolutions
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Five Ways to Stick With Your New Year's Resolutions

Forget about any failed resolution plans in the past and make 2017 the best year yet!

Five Ways to Stick With Your New Year's Resolutions

Let’s face it. We all want to start fresh when ringing in the new year. We get the idea that a new year means new chances to do things that you haven’t done, things you may have let go of, or things you want to get back into. It’s safe to say that a lot of the time resolutions get forgetting about pretty quickly. This year, let’s all make a vow to set quality goals for the new year.

1. Set reasonable goals.

If you set a goal to get back in shape for the New Year, which is something I definitely do every year, then do it! But know that it is probably not realistic to assume that you are just going to dive right in at full speed. This might make you tire of the plan quicker because it is such a drastic change in your daily life. Instead, start small. Begin with simpler workouts before getting into the bigger stuff. Make it fun! Look at DIY workouts you can do at home with your friends. The point of this step is to make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself with a resolution that could cause you to let it go sooner than you were planning. Start simple and make it so that you can easily work the resolution into your life. The key here it to not give up. You CAN DO IT!

2. Think outside the box.

Step outside your comfort zone and make a resolution to do something or go somewhere totally new this year and make it happen. Plan an fun road trip with your friends or go skydiving or learn a new language. By doing something completely new, you are not only getting to do something awesome, but you are going to grow as a person which is what this whole resolution thing is about. This step is important so that you can experience things that maybe you wouldn’t normally do which will result in the best feeling of self accomplishment. Do something where afterwards you can sit and say to yourself, “That was awesome and I am awesome.”

3. Decide how it is going to better your life.

Making New Year’s resolutions should be about doing things that will ultimately make you happier and your life better. They should make for great stories to tell. Pick resolutions that make you say “Oh yeah that would be incredible.” These kinds of resolutions could include going on a trip and traveling, volunteering, attending a mission trip to help those in need. It could be something simple to make your life healthier like cutting down on soda and drinking more water, quitting smoking, or spending more time outside. Picking a resolution based on a trend or something that you got from someone else may not work out because it isn’t tailored to you. Commit to a resolution that you can look back on and think about how much you got out of it and how much better it made your life. That kind of resolution is worth the struggle or difficulty that it's process may entail. The outcome, however, will be completely worth it.

4. Make a plan.

Making a plan is probably the most important part. I cannot count the number of times that I have wanted to do something but didn’t have a plan for how to go about it so I just never did it. That’s the worst because you totally could have done it but because you didn’t plan it, it never happened. So take your resolutions and figure out how you are going to go about them. If getting in shape and working out more is your resolution, figure out a weekly plan for how and where you are going to work out. Find a gym buddy. Map out what you are going to eat. Get all the details in place and then commit to it so you have a set idea for how you can get it done. If you just decide to simply go to the gym, you might not go as much as you want or end up sticking with it because it isn’t consistent. Being consistent with anything is important because that is what drives the motivation to keep going. If your resolution is to travel more, start by booking a flight or putting together a list of places to hit on a road trip. Map out costs, transportation options, and everything else that will come into play. Getting all the details together will make the plan feel more real, thus making it more likely for you to actually get everything set to go. Be proactive. Make the plan.

5. Make it happen.

This is the last step. Get all of your resolutions together, make them realistic, and make a plan for them. Once you make it happen, you did it! You achieved your New Year’s resolutions! All of the planning and money and effort that got put in was all worth it and now you have great stories to tell and great experiences that shape you to who you are. You did it. Go 2017!!!

New Year’s resolutions are always looked down on because so many people think that they are just for show and that no one actually follows through with them. This does happen often and I am one of the guilty ones. If you just put the time in and follow these five simple steps, your new year will not only be awesome, but you will have accomplished incredible things. Leave the worries behind in 2016 and start fresh in 2017. A new year, same you, new things, and good times.

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