3 Reminders About Starbucks Reopening From A Barista Because We Are Just As Nervous As You
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3 Reminders About Starbucks Reopening From A Barista Because We Are Just As Nervous As You

I'm happy to be interacting with customers outside of the drive-thru, but please be considerate.

3 Reminders About Starbucks Reopening From A Barista Because We Are Just As Nervous As You
Photo by Chris Nguyen on Unsplash

This week my temporary store is starting to reopen its cafe. Spoiler alert and PSA: this does not mean people can come in, sit down and go back to life as we once knew it. Our shift managers and store manager have worked hard to ensure the safety of our customers by creating social distancing markers on the floor for the line, building and placing plexiglass shields in front of the registers, and the handoff plane where completed drinks are placed. On top of these measures, we continue to wear masks, sanitize the headsets (to take drive-thru orders), and wash our hands every 30 minutes. What does this mean for baristas and customers? We ask that you please still follow CDC guidelines even though we understand how excited you are to come inside again.

We still expect you to wear masks (please!).


No, we aren't. This safety measure is in place for good reason and it helps keep our employees and other customers around you safe. Plus, the more you wear them, the more you get used to them! Also, remember to support small businesses by purchasing their masks, and maybe you'll get ones with cute designs on them!

Our cafes are grab and go ONLY until further notice.


This does not mean grabbing your drink and lurking until you find a "hidden" spot (P.S. we know all the nooks and crannies of the already tiny store). This safety precaution just means that once your order is ready to grab it and leave. It's like carryout which a lot of restaurants already offer! Plus, this gives you ample time to connect with your favorite barista or meet some new faces.

If you can, please try to use contactless payment methods.


With each transaction, we are asked to hand out information cards to each customer that details the process of downloading the Starbucks app and setting up an account. The app opens a lot of doors for customers by showing what each store has in stock and providing the mobile order service. This option allows you to order your favorite food and drinks ahead of time so you don't have to wait in line (well, sometimes you do but at least you won't wait at the drive-thru window!). So, if you're able to pay with this method, please do because cash and credit/debit cards still carry germs. Also, we accept Apple and Samsung Pay!

At first, I thought some of these rules were a tad ridiculous, but that's because I didn't know what my fellow partners (employees) were going through by exposing themselves. After being back at work for almost a month, I now have more empathy for each individual situation and I have become a better listener. In times like these, we should put aside our pride and ego and make the right decisions for each other. We wouldn't have a lot of essential and non-essential businesses without these brave people, so please, thank them by doing the right thing.

And lastly, no we don't have any color-changing or confetti cups! I'm sorry, but they sold out pretty much the second we heard about them.

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