An Open Letter To Starbucks' Drinks

Dear every drink that has graced the menu of Starbucks,

There's one of you for every mood I'm in -- good or bad, and there's WAY too many of you that I love equally. It's impossible to acknowledge you all individually.

You come in all shapes and sizes and beautiful mixes of colors. You can teach us all that our differences don't take away from our beauty (or deliciousness).

Some of you are pink and some of you are berry-licious. Some of you have a caramel drizzle and some of you are piled high with whipped cream. Some of you even taste just as great with almond milk.

You all never fail to keep me warm on the coldest days and to cool me off on the hottest. Whether it's a little something chocolatey that I'm craving, an immediate shot of caffeine in order to get through the rest of the day or a yummy and refreshing summertime drink that's so snapchattable it hurts, you guys always come through.

If coffee isn't what I'm craving then there's a tea for all my moods that will probably help keep my skin clear, too. Green tea, you have helped me through many breakouts and Medicine Balls might just be the cure to the common cold.

You've kept me awake through every 8 AM lecture and gotten me through all-night study sessions that otherwise wouldn't have happened without you. I've bonded and laughed over you with some of my best friends and quietly sipped you by myself some mornings when I needed alone time.

You've given me something to hold on to in pictures when I otherwise wouldn't know what to do with my hands and given me something to sip so when I'm angry I won't accidentally let anything I'd regret come out of my mouth. You've each been there for me like an old friend, and for that I thank you.

Even if you are sometimes a teeny bit overpriced, you're worth it. To all the drinks at Starbucks, thank you for being YOU, because you rock.

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