5 Reasons Why Game Of Thrones Is A Genuinely Great Show Despite The Cast Love For Starbucks
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5 Reasons Why Game Of Thrones Is A Genuinely Great Show Despite The Cast Love For Starbucks

Doesn't matter how many Starbucks cups we can find, it still is an amazing show.

5 Reasons Why Game Of Thrones Is A Genuinely Great Show Despite The Cast Love For Starbucks

Unreal story.


Whether you were a book reader or a binge watcher like myself, it is pretty obvious that Game Of Thrones (GOT) has one of the craziest and most stupendous stories. It's insane plot twists and mind-bending unpredictability is part of what makes this show both amazing and unique. Nonetheless, GOT's beauty and outstandingness comes from the fact that it successfully achieves to keep the show interesting regardless of the prodigious amount of information it is presented to the viewer with each passing episode. Unlike GOT, multiple information packed TV shows often do not cope well with packing too much information into their episodes because at times, viewers can get easily bored or disappointed after seeing that the show they are watching could not manage to make something coherent out of all the information it provided. Nonetheless, GOT deals with this wonderfully by introducing multiple plot twists and by providing quick answers to almost every question viewers could possibly come up with.

Great characters.


If you've watched this show this one may seem obvious to you, but in case you have not and you are looking for some encouragement or a reason to watch this show, this is a very good reason why. Another thing GOT does splendidly, just like storytelling, is character development. Most, if not all the characters in this series, have their certain appeal and very unique personalities. Giving characters life has not been an issue for GOT, which it is quite impressive considering it has so many characters and the fact that it is very challenging to give each character enough screen time. Amazingly almost all of them get at least a glory moment and all of them have strong behaviors and attributes that characterizes them. Doing this in such a big show is hard, but GOT is got a way.

3.- Excellent action scenes.


Apart from all the interesting dialogue and the heavy emphasis on story build up, GOT provides the audience with absolutely flabbergasting war scenes. Every time there is a big fight, it looks simply incredible. The balance of colors, CGI, the sound effects, and the stunning close ups are simply amazing. In my opinion GOT has some of the most visually appealing action scenes in all of TV.

4.- Incredible mix of reality & fantasy.


I don't know if you dig all the sci-fi stuff there is in the show, but to be completely sincere, I freaking love it. The whole introduction of the white walkers, dragons, witches, giants and future tellers is part of what in my opinion makes this show so cool and original. I believe the blend of real-life political scenarios with this sort of fantastical material makes this series very fresh and revolutionary in several ways. Plus, it gives room for new some awesome action scenes and incredible plot twists.

5.- Women are MASSIVELY important (SPOILERS WARNING).

Ok, a lot of people may have their own opinions about how this show portrays women and I know there has been some beef about it on social media; however, I would like to make the case that in a lot of ways GOT does justice to women. Apart from the nudity and explicit content, GOT illustrates women quite positively if you ask me. The reason why I say this is because a lot of the show's most influential and important characters are women. For example Cersei Lannister is bold, strong and highly intelligent. Brienne of Tarth is the living proof that women are just as strong as men and in some cases even stronger. She is one of the very best and arguably the best sword fighter in all of the series. She has survived multiple wars and she even managed to take down The Hound on a 1 on 1 combat. Daenerys Targaryen is probably (by the time I wrote this) the most powerful character in the show. She is both beautiful and capable of fulfilling almost every feat she proposes herself. I mean the woman conquered almost all the kingdoms right after she was pretty much given to Khal Drogo as a gift. Her rise from being treated like a slave to becoming the mother of dragons symbolizes that women are indeed capable of achieving anything despite the odds they might find themselves in. Lastly, one of my personal favorite characters, Arya Stark is just a straight up badass. She is probably the most complete character in the series and by complete I am referring to overall quality. For example, she is strong, extremely skilful with all kinds of weapons, she is cunning, caring (to an extent), smart, ingenious, resourceful and massively important for the unfolding of several events. You definitely know this if you are caught up.

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