We're all looking for a purpose. Some grand thing that we believe we were made to accomplish in order for us to feel complete like we've done our part to bring something meaningful into this world. Yet, a lot of the time, it can be detrimental.

Now, I sincerely believe that everyone has a purpose. We all have individual qualities and quirks that are unique to ourselves and they are incredibly meaningful to this world and they should be valued as such.

However, the problem arises when we place a major emphasis on having one, specific purpose. Though we all have one, we often place our entire worth and value on achieving it - which can often result in us forgetting about how far we've come from where we've started.

When we look at our accomplishments in relation to our ultimate purpose, they seem rather minuscule and we end up devaluing them instead of appreciating them fully.

Whether or not we see it, our daily lives are filled with achievements and more often than not we categorize them as "minor" or "insignificant". And that is where the major problem arises - our failure to appreciate these achievements leaves us feeling worthless like we really haven't accomplished much - when in fact, the opposite is true.

The fact of the matter is that we achieve great purposes every day. Whether it be making someone's day, smiling at a random stranger, helping someone in need - all of them make up meaningful purposes. Just because they don't seem grand in comparison to our idea of meaningful, does not mean it wasn't grand to them. Maybe smiling at that stranger was exactly the kind of hope they needed that day because they were starting to lose hope. Maybe listening to your friend allowed them to express feelings that they have kept bottled up for years. Though they may seem like nothing, the small decisions we choose can impact the lives around us in ways we fail to think about.

I encourage you to change the way you view your life and what you plan to achieve. Of course, have a major purpose that you want to accomplish overall - by having one, it gives us the drive to push through all the adversity that comes against us. However, don't just stop there. To help remind you that your day to day actions mean a lot, set up for yourself a list of mini-purposes to fulfill throughout that day.

Make it your purpose that day of making someone smile or laugh. Make it your purpose another day to help out someone in need, whichever way that may arise.

By doing this, not only will you be spreading an awful lot of kindness (which is something this world desperately needs right now) but I promise you that you will end up feeling WAY more accomplished with your life than you would have otherwise.

You have so much to offer the world and though it is good for us to want to channel that energy into one specific purpose, it will leave us unfulfilled until we are able to complete it, which, can take some time. Don't spend your life feeling like your daily efforts are for nothing.

Go out and start fulfilling your mini-purposes in life.

Not only do you need it, so does someone else.