Selfish, something we’ve heard all our life to not be. It’s always seen as a flaw in personality, like the idea of putting yourself before others is entirely ridiculous. Somehow, the idea of self-preservation and self-love have been placed on the back burner. At some point, we were taught to care for others instead of taking care of ourselves. What happens when you’re the only one thinking of others and no one is caring for you? Is it really so wrong to care about your own well-being, both emotional and physical before someone else’s?

At some point in our lives, we need to stop apologizing and fixing everything and everyone, and take ownership of our lives. Be who you want and do what makes you happy, you can't always please the whole world; sometimes, you just have to take pleasure in knowing that you can make yourself happy. Take notice of who puts in the effort in your life, who truly cares and takes notice of your happiness.

I am tired of letting others rule my life, tired of making sure everyone else’s happiness is above my own. When you decide to do something for yourself, you see how freeing the independence is and all the good that self-love can have in your life. Make yourself proud of your actions, don’t look for the encouragement or acceptance of others. It’s like you’ve become a whole new person, like the air around you is breathable again. Being selfish allows you a moment of clarity: clarity of who, what and where you want to be and do with your life

You’re allowed to be selfish sometimes. You’re allowed to do you. Sometimes our needs need to be fulfilled by ourselves, and not be dependent on others. Sometimes you just need to think of what you need to survive and be happy, instead of catering to those who don’t do that same for you. Stop letting the negativity of others bring you down, and eliminate that toxicity from your life. Choose to live, and live with those who understand that you need to take a stand, a stand for yourself. Choosing you brings back the joy in the little things. I catch myself loving others more, because I have found more love for myself. I catch myself living to make the world a better place, because my part in it is important.

I’m not saying to put yourself before all things and only take pride in purpose in yourself. God is still above all. After all, servant leadership is what life is all about, be a volunteer, work in the Mercy Volunteer Corps, take a job at a nonprofit, and do good for the world. But please, at the end of the day, ask yourself what you need and how you can help yourself. Take pride in yourself and love your purpose.