Small Chest, Big Dreams
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Small Chest, Big Dreams

Stop letting the world bring down that beautiful spirit of yours. Even Jennifer Aniston gets criticized.

Small Chest, Big Dreams

There are trends and there are stereotypes, and there are also smiles and things that you should spend your time thinking about instead. People today are, in my opinion, far too worried about their outer self-image.

“Confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect" – that's what we should be building up, right? Self-worth is cool; let's keep it high people.

“You know running a lot makes your boobs smaller, right?"

Running is something that I, as well as many other people, enjoy. It's full of tests, appreciation, and takes me on breathtaking adventures. While training for my first half marathon, I was texted the above quote after a long run. It came from a guy I was interested in and I believe that's the funniest thing he had and will ever say to me. Right then I knew we wouldn't end up being together, and I am thankful. I'm thankful for the happiness sports and running has brought me, as well as the life lessons, big friend groups, and small sports bras.

We should do what we love, what betters us, and not fill our minds with the misery that comes from unnecessary judgment. Why was this guy so worried about my chest? I've done my research, there's not much hope in me receiving some magic body gift. Shouldn't he have been happy that I'm happy? If someone is spending their thoughts with how they would fix you, fill yours instead with fun adventures and goals that you're lucky to be able to set. Maybe get crazy and throw some funny puns in that mind of yours. Oh, and for the man of unimpressive words: I am aware of the effects of running, thank you.

“Do you think I should get my calves reduced?"

Men and women both put pressure on one another. It's a little ridiculous. It gets bizarre when 20-year-old friends of mine talk about things like calf reductions (not quite sure how that works). I love seeing sculpted, dedicated people at the gym, but I also love people getting all inspired and stuff in other areas of life. Go you for being passionate about something. You shouldn't be sad about the best traits you see on others, so maybe be a sweetie instead and compliment them. No matter what, you'll always be able to find something that could be changed or improved. The only solution is to stop looking. Stop searching for something to disapprove of. You're a happy, imperfect human, and it's hilarious that you have to complain about your finger length or ankles to negatively "fit in."

“Make sure you edit out the shine in my face before you post it."

Trends are here as trends – they're momentary. Kylie Jenner's big lips won't be desired forever and model looks transform through the years. Why spend the time and money changing or hurting your body when you could use that cash and brain power elsewhere? Planning a trip to Europe or going camping in some random mountains sounds a lot nicer to me. Instagram filters may be fun and add color to pictures, but comparing yourself to someone's best post is unrealistic. Stop looking in the mirror, hoping and wishing for a “chrome" you. Get to the nearest beach, make footprints that disappear in the sand, and look at how little the ocean makes your worries seem. Want what you have because that's what you've got. Bam. You're you and you're able to give hugs, so I already want to be friends.

“I love you, thank you for being here." (Thanks, Momma.)

Self-love. It's difficult to adore everything about yourself. Trust me, I get it. Depression, eating disorders, it's all too real and I wish I could say it wasn't. However, I hope you realize you're wonderful with or without that six-pack of beautiful abs and perfect hair. You're going to do incredible things and there will always be love for you. I can promise you that this run loving, cupcake eating, B-cup of a gal is going to be a positive change on this world. You, sir or madam, have that option as well. You're living; thank God for that steady heartbeat by dreaming big. Success is all on you and how you optimistically measure it. Bring more to the table than the shallow traits the world tries to shove in your face. Throw back happiness, and do it with a smile.


Kelli Regan

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