Summer went by way faster than expected. It's the perfect time to contemplate life decisions and enjoy yourself at the same time. However, there are some consequences while avoiding your problems. You think everything is okay when you come home for the summer and nothing will change, but it does. It has been a long summer and I have learned a few lessons from what has been going on. A major lesson I've learned is to simply let things go and let things fall into place.

All my life I have jumped into situations and gotten myself in trouble for sticking my nose in something I shouldn't be getting myself in. A common phenomenon which happens frequently is that I jump to conclusions and never let things happen. While it is important to "shoot your shot", I have always found myself in better scenarios when I let things happen. Maybe it's my mindset or the way I view things, but I don't regret anything about it.

A lot of my stress derives from not having everything completely organized and things not going the way it should. For example, you are running late for work because you are having car problems and your work is far away from your house. Instead of manifesting the idea of being late to work, develop the idea that you will get to work and the events will transpire as such. This mindset is extremely difficult to develop because life tends to get in the way frequently and we can't help but let the stress overrule the situation. I feel that a scenario works out best when you understand the life events that are going on but refuse to let that ruin the moment or day. One can see this as a manifestation of the mind to fixate on your mindset.

This can work in terms of people, too. If someone is stressing over a person not calling them back, just let the situation go and let the person come around. Since we are dealing with people in everyday life, it's easy to lose our heads and get ahead of ourselves. Once you let the situation go, the person tends to come back around. Sometimes it's better to take a step back and realize that it's okay to let things fall into place and that things will work out, no matter the situation.